Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet Maersk Alabama

OK, I used to think that American liberals were the dumbest subspecies of humanity. Somali pirates have toppled them from that lofty perch to claim the title. Seems like that Navy SEAL sniper fire would've taught them not to mess with US-flagged vessels, but dumb people don't learn as quickly as the rest of us. That's how we classify them as dumb.

See, the Maersk Alabama had armed security on board this time, who opened fire when the little Somali speedboat was about 300 yards away. The pirates turned tail and there were no casualties among the Maersk Alabama crew. Heehee.

Please note the conspicuous lack of committee meetings, judicial proceedings, and UN Resolutions. Just good guys with guns shooting at bad guys. Compare and contrast with a British response to another piracy event the other day.



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