Friday, November 13, 2009

Empathy for Obama?

Sorry if that headline makes that stupid Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" pop into your head. But this morning before work my wife asks "I need to take something out of the freezer for dinner tonight. Do you want steak, pork chops, hamburger or chicken?"

And I just couldn't decide.

I wasn't hungry.

None of those options sounded very good at the moment.

There were four simple options presented to me, and I just couldn't make the call. I thought about saying "none of the above" but I knew that would just get me a stink-eye and probably no dinner at all. Suddenly I felt a strange kinship with our indecisive pResident. Then my wife gave me an eyeroll and just made the decision herself. I don't even know yet what she picked.

Obama, nobody is going to step in and make the decision for you. You wanted the job, you got the job, now do the job.

/end moment of empathy


  1. What a bonehead. If it weren't for the fact that people are dying, it would be laughable. In fact, a great idea for a sitcom.

    [Loud, in Kenyan accent] "Michelle, I'm home!".....

  2. steak = no-brainer
    nuke 'em = no-brainer

  3. You could appoint a dinner Czar....or is that Tsar?

  4. The sad thing is that when I saw the title of the post on my blogroll, I thought, "Sympathy for the Devil." :D

    Agreed with labcat on the no-brainers.

  5. Maybe he thinks he'll get bonus points for thinking extra hard about it.

  6. Barry always wants to be seen as the thoughtful uber-smart guy, so this hand-wringing is just for show.

    My guess: He'll give McChrystal half the troops that he needs, then hope Afghanistan drops off the radar. Given Obambi's proclivity to cave to his cultural leftist instincts, I'd expect no less.

  7. I have no empathy for the empty suit.
    He should be hit over the head with a big leg o lamb, maybe that would knock some sense into him.

    BTW, what did you wind up having for din din,
    you can't go wrong with steak, you know.

  8. So you voted "Present" for dinner?

    And yes, Yick Jagger did pop into my head upon reading the headline That "OWwww", is usually all I hear, then if I have any control at all over the music choice/level I immediately end the engagement.

    I always hated that song.

    So what ended up for dinner, milktoast? At the White House, it's what's for dinner!

  9. I paid dearly for my indecision... Ended up with hamburger. Barry, let my pain be a lesson to you!


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