Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thanks, Barry!

President Obeyme has spent a lot of camera time telling us that his policies have saved X number of jobs. That number varies; last I heard I think it was 150,000. This got me to thinking - is my job one that has been miraculously spared by The One? He's so busy traveling and playing golf - I wouldn't want to bother him by actually asking him to name one single specific job he's saved. So is there a list somewhere that I can check?

Wait a sec... ever since I got that really rude surprise at tax time last year, I've been working TWO jobs. Has Obama saved them both? That'd be really amazing! Even if he hasn't saved both, there's a pretty good chance that he's saved at least one of them.

So, as I slavishly toil away at two jobs, trying to catch up on all the taxes my state and federal governments are attempting to wring from my increasingly skeletal and dessicated existence, I will be doubly thankful that my two jobs are likely among those mysterious 150k that Dear Leader has deigned to preserve.

But the uncertainty is killing me! Did he save my job or not? How would I be able to tell if my job(s) are ones that have been saved by Obama?


  1. If yours was saved, you'll be paying more taxes. If it was cut, then I'll be paying more taxes.

    Heck, I quit my third job (no lie) at the end of last year cuz the tax burden and the trouble it caused me outweighed the dribble of cash flow it produced.

    So, if you lose one job, then he's half right. If you lose both jobs, he's done his job

  2. I have let staff know that money is short.

    So far, there have been no lay-offs.

    I kinda figured that "I" had saved their jobs, by working harder and bringing new accounts on line.

    Now I asked these new accounts if they had received their "stimulus" checks yet. The answer was no, to a man.

    How many jobs are being saved in the face of increasing taxes and decreasing wealth by mom and pops like me? Prolly most that are "being saved", no?

    I haven't received a stimulus check. My clients haven't. What is it that was supposed to have occured that resulted in these jobs being saved?

  3. if you're unemployed, he saved your job

  4. & if you work for ACORN, he saved your job.

    Love President "Obeyme"!


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