Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brain Pain

Well, I'm in the middle of a big industrial engraving job for ATS. Unfortunately, the laser burped yesterday and ruined a sheet of material. So now we don't have enough to finish the job. They are good customers, though, so I have to meet their deadline of tomorrow. That means I'm having to laser engrave on ordinary plastic sheet stock instead of the stuff specifically meant for laser engraving.

The ordinary stuff actually ablates (fancy word for "gets burned away") quite nicely, but the fumes are NASTY, even with the ventilation system maxed out. It also leaves sticky black goo on the deck of the laser machine - and on the laser operator (me) when I go to gather the finished pieces out of the laser. I refer to this goo as the "transdermal carcinogenic toxin delivery paste" 'cuz it just smells and feels like is deadly.

Between the goo and the fumes, I have a raging headache. I am starting to feel kind of loopy and weird thoughts are entering my head. I keep thinking stuff like "Ya know, maybe Obama was right avoid meddling in the deaths of helpless Iranians." Then I briefly snap out of it. But I'm worried that the black "laser bong resin" goo is going to rot my brain and turn me into a liberal.

Since I'm not thinking so clearly, I need some help. What other warning signs should I be looking for? Is this condition permanent? Should I just quit my job to go on welfare and grow hemp? I just don't know anymore...


  1. Does it get really hot where ya engrave at? If so, drink LOTS of water. I remember doing manufacturing during the summer months where the plant would be like a thermos. Used to reach 120 degrees in there sometime!

    Anyways, just to let ya know, I plan on looking at your site for a good post for the Weekend Linkfest.

  2. It gets hot, but not that bad. Summer really hasn't hit here yet. There's only been one day of 90, a couple 80s and a bunch of overcast garbage.

  3. Hey! I'm so glad you've been reading my blog. I work with the other person who follows my blog, so the running joke is that my readership's doubled.

    The Lays/Burger King idea would be a good promotion, but Subway may be the better fit since A) they serve the product and B) it's the perfect marriage with the $5 footlong promotion.


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