Friday, June 26, 2009

Ha Ha! My state is better than your state!

[To the tune of that stupid Pussycat Dolls song]

Don't cha wish you lived in Oregon like me?

Yeah, the US House passed Obama's ridiculous Cap'n Trade bill that will cause most Americans' utility bills to soar. But not in Oregon, nosiree! Somehow it looks like we might avoid the CO2 Jaws of Death and actually profit on the deal! Woohoo!

What? Please repeat that... did you say what I thought you said? Oregon doesn't manufacture anything anymore? I guess you're right about that - unless you count the handmade glass "tobacco" pipes that the hippies sell. We don't make much else here anymore. Yeah, we have to bring in just about everything from out-of-state. So you're saying that all the extra costs run up in the red "loser" states will get passed on to us? How totally uncool! We're so green and ecofriendly here, we should get some kind of discount! And I don't make anywhere near $250k, so my taxes can't go up! Obama promised! I demand a recount! Turn those machines back on!


  1. So what good IS Oregon, except for making rain? And rain when I need it worse! Am I going to get taxed on my rain, too?

    trickle up poverty?

  2. We have a lot of pretty trees that we can't cut down without some hippie suing us into oblivion. And a big cheese factory in Tillamook. Everybody else in Oregon is a web designer or Starbucks barista. Lots of rain. I remember my sophomore year in HS it rained every single day that February.

    But I may have to delete your comment lest the miniObamas in Salem see it and decide to tax our rain. I wouldn't put it past them. But don't worry, once Cap'n Trade (dun-da-duh!) swoops in to save the day and restore our proper climate, he'll send you a few extra raindrops.

  3. Ouch, me thinks even little Ore-gone will lose on this crap and charades.

  4. Looks like my state, NY, benefits

    Notice that most of those states that benefit voted for him?

  5. Yeah, I saw that too. States full of rich ecoweenie lefties do OK. States full of labor-union lefties get crapped on.

    Interesting to watch the dem-on-dem battles that could arise from this.


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