Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sarcastic Blogger can't compete, may seek bailout funds.

OK, a couple days ago Obama names Biden "Stimulus Czar." When asked why he chose Biden, Obama said "Nobody messes with Joe" Seriously. That was the logic. Nothing about economic or financial skills. Nothing about rooting out corrupution or waste.

Then Mr. Czar shows up on TV, and is asked what specific things the Stimulus will do for small business. Our Czar says* "If your customers can't get to you because of transportation, we'll help 'em. If, ya know, the bridge over the creek needs repaired, we'll fix it so you customers can reach you. If your costs of doing business are getting out of hand, we'll install a Smart Meter for your electricity usage." When asked if there was a website with more details, he said yes, but that he didn't know the website number!

As an upstart humorist blogger, how the bloody blinkety-blank am I supposed to compete with that level of Stupid? I mean it! I try, Every Single Day, to come up with some fanciful and ridiculous ideas to build a funny post around, and every single day the Obama/Biden reality ends up being way more wacky than anything my mind can muster. I am outclassed.

*I heard this quote on the radio and posted it from memory. I'll add a link when I finally find one.

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