Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama Obad hair day week!

Wow. It's only Wednesday, and the madness in DC is almost overwhelming. Like JFK's death or the Challenger explosion, someday my grandkids are going to ask "where were you the week Obama ruined the country forever?" I need to stop and review because things've gone buck-nutty.

Domestic probs:
  • Daschle tax problems - out of the running for Sec HHS
  • Killefer tax problems - out of the running for Chief Performance Officer
  • Sims scandals - this one just came up today - details pending
    Nevermind - he is black - everything's OK and I'm a racist for even mentioning it but he appears to be a major crook and partially responsible for "Gov Gregoire" instead of "Gov Rossi" in Washington state.
  • "Stimulus" losing appeal and may go down in flames. More and more people are hearing about all the junk in it and saying "no thanks."

International probs:

  • Iran launches satellite into orbit - a rocket that can put a satellite into space is also handy for lobbing nukes at people. Thankfully "outer space" is a much larger target than, say, "Jerusalem." But betting on your enemy's missiles having poor guidance isn't much of a strategy.
  • North Korea announces new missile - This one could hit the western US. Yay!
  • Russia says "up yours!" to Obama - Russia convinces Kyrgyzstan to kick us out, preventing us from using a base there - one of our main supply lines for the war in Afghanistan. If we can't effectively fight the Taliban and they reassert themselves and go on to hassle Russia (Mohammedans have a long memory of real and perceived wrongs against them) I'll try not to laugh in Putin's face about it.
  • India says "up yours!" to Obama regarding Kashmir - That disputed area that Pakistan and India go to war over once in a while. Read FT at the link. You know things aren't going so well when a supposed ally calls you a 'monkey'
  • Canada and EU say "up yours!" to Obama's "Buy American" policy. Obama originally wanted this included in the stimulus - that steel, concrete, etc, used in infrastructure projects would be domestically produced, so the House included it in the version they passed the other day. Then our supposed allies start freaking out and warning that it will lead to a trade war if we don't consider buying our stuff from elsewhere. Dunno where I stand on this one - I don't like protectionism, but I do like irritating the socialists in the EU. Prez Obeyme now finds himself with the unions that make things like steel pulling him one direction, and whiny international socialists pulling him the other. Better him than me.

Seriously, all this has happened in just the last few days, and the week isn't even over yet.


UPDATE: 'Nuther Day, 'Nuther Dodger!

Tax cheat du jour is Hilda Solis. Obama doesn't disappoint - there's something screwy in his administration daily. Will the last honest democrat please stand up, please stand up?

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