Friday, January 22, 2010

Need a minute? (updated)

I don't watch much TV, so I don't remember which candy company was doing that ad campaign.  But you know the one I'm talking about:  one person says/does something totally stupid and realizes it just a moment too late, then the magic candy bar gives that person a "do over."

If an aid helicopter were air-dropping these candies over the lib-ravaged America, I'm not sure who would throw the most vicious elbows to get some - Obama or the morons who voted for him?

Seen the main "The Thrill is Gone" headline on Drudge? It links to CNN's coverage of Barry's trip to Michigan Ohio.  The comments are running about 20:1 against Barry.  Heh.  Indeed.  Faster, please.


  1. It'd take more than candy to stuff those pie holes dontcha think? They could do it on behalf of the Clean Air Act and take a moment to stop polluting our air with their noise.

  2. Hey Nameless,

    If this was happening 30 thirty years ago, I would be all over the prissydent, his advisors and all the little lap dogs who are fed by him, trying to find out what they are smoking. It's sum pretty good shit mahn.

  3. I dunno. Dosing that much fail with magic candy might tear a hole in the space-time continuum.

  4. They've been on the magic candy for years...

  5. Red - maybe wrap the candy in an old dirty sock?

    Jaded - They say Barry keeps the Whitehouse warm enough to "grow orchids" inside. I think they're growing something else.

    Matt - Like crossing the streams, sometimes ya just have to take the risk!

    LSP - Heh. "Try some, it'll make ya feel good!"

  6. I was hoping to search youtube later with all the channels I sub to find some choice footage of barry getting booed! I'm sure this is on the horizon....hopefully this weekend.

  7. Dude, Obama's at 45% and dropping like a bad habit. The only people who don't want a do-over are the star-struck liberal press dorks.

    They'll never leave St. Barry's side.

  8. The left-wingers wouldn't eat them unless they were organic black chocolate with a soy-lecithen filling.

  9. aw the thrill is most definitely gone!


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