Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is Oregon weird?

Is Oregon weird?  There seems to be ample evidence both for and against.  Gordon Durand at Zeta Woof put together this map that shows that, based on measures 66 & 67, there are vast expanses of Oregon that are largely idiot-free:

Click to enlarge.  Zeta Woof offers a better .bmp version that you can steal.  But if you have permission, is it still stealing?

I'm in oh-so-blue Benton County.  I guess I should have done a better job of intimidating voters with my nightstick.  Darned vote-by-mail!   You could glance at this and think that Oregon is pretty darned red.  Then you could read about this psycho who felt so strongly about animal rights that he just had to go ahead and self-immolate.  I'm sure the dead mink in the fur store feel a lot better now that he's made some human flambé on the sidewalk.  That's dedicated blueness, right there.

I offer you this evidence.  Both sides have compelling arguments, but I need a conclusive answer.  Let's settle this once and for all.  Is Oregon weird?


  1. Well, let me say that I paid some attention to this situation after your other post. Sadly, it appears that Oregon, or a slight majority of it's residents might enjoy high taxes and less jobs.

    BTW, since I'm assuming that you're not a black panther, the DOJ probably would prosecute you for voter intimidation. That seems to be the criteria these days.

  2. Only people from Scappoose. I think that guy was from Scappoose.

  3. Matt - It'd be almost fun to push the boundaries of what Holder and the DOJ would let me get away with. But not very do-able since we have vote-by-mail. But it sure makes corruption much more convenient! Seriously, the fix is in for us here. The union goons who benefit from the tax increases are the ones counting the ballots and confirming their validity.

    Velcro - Congrats on having heard of Scappoose, home of NFL QB Derek Anderson.

  4. So again, this is why I’m not excited about 2010 elections. This is why all of this back-and-forth, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Republicans vs. Democrats, is nothing more than a distraction. We have real problems here, serious problems, problems that people in generations gone by across the world have died over. The kind of a debt each state owes(due to tax comsumers vs. tax payers)is suffocating, and we cannot live under it. You can’t. And I’m asking you honestly, how do you propose to pay that back? How? How is that even possible? Because once you have confiscatory tax rates like that, people aren’t going to want to work of their own free will and volition because they get nothing out of it.

    So what, then, is the next step? Slavery? Forced, voluntary, or involuntary servitude, where we all work for Big Brother? Or where there’ll be a two-tier system where, oh, yeah, we cut the budget. Yeah, we cut all manner of expenditures and all manner of services and all manner of public works projects and what have you here, and everything that was left was then monetized and was then spread out among the population. So you have one tier of people that get to administer it, and another tier of people that get to live under it, but have no chance of prosperity whatsoever. See Romania for the latter half of the 20th Century. See what’s happening in the United Kingdom today. You want to live in France? Maybe you ought to move there. You probably would be better off unless this is stopped.
    Just saying, do you really want to live by the constitution or the bastardized version of today? sharky

  5. Maybe there's something on the West Coast that just makes people retarded.

  6. Thank you. I had not heard it was hometown of Derek Anderson. I'm getting smarter each decade.


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