Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I was in the middle of changing the color scheme to various shades of Brown.  Ya know, for some fairly obvious reasons.  I NEVER CLICKED ANYTHING ABOUT CHANGING TEMPLATE!



  1. It's the thought that counts! Today IS the day for Brown Brown Brown, and I ain't talking about old underwear!

  2. I have an unspoken truce with my computer. I won't ask it to do anything simple and it won't lose all my files.

    So far the peace has held.

  3. Choakley indeed!

    I love it, and I think Massachusetts will look good in Brown!

  4. Oh No!
    I came by to read the lastest contest results.
    I hope you get it sorted!
    You'll fix it, Innominatus! We're doing the happy dance.;

  5. For some reason after changing some colors, I suddenly had a 2-column Minima template! Thankfully it didn't clobber any of my widgets, but when I rebuilt the 3-column Rounders I ended up with all my widgets in the right side column. I'm too jazzed about the election to mess with the code right now. But it is all still there.

    So the innomipoint standings are still valid, and updated. Amusing Bunni reclaims the lead.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da-iO9c8J-w

  7. Woo Hoo! I'm honoured. Innominatus, if you're like me, NOTHING makes me madder and just so frustrated when I fiddle around with my blog, and then it screws up. I did that with the add to any, and then tried a tweet thing and Now I have the one I want. Don't stress, just do over the weekend or sometime when you have time. We all are too happy now to get stressed! America is too blessed to be stressed SCOTT WON! Yippee.


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