Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mark Steyn rules, and vote no on 66 & 67! (updated)

I love when Steyn sits in for Rush.  He has an awesome way with words, and his funny pseudo-euro/Canadian/New England accent works for me, especially when he's saying something uproariously funny without any trace of giggle.  Today he talked about my home state's asinine tax measures on the ballot.  I haven't ranted on this issue as few of my few readers are from Oregon.  I wouldn't expect you cold, callous degenerates from other states to care about our plight - so I've kept mute.  But today Steyn brought national attention to it.  Yay!

Anyway, democrat-controlled Oregon has been on a spending and hiring binge during our economic downturn.  Literally THOUSANDS of workers added to the state payrolls. You know that line that lefties like to use?  "Socialism has failed everywhere else, but ONLY because they didn't have the right people in charge.  We'll get it right this time.  We promise!"  In Oregon, it has been modified a bit: "Ya see how FUBAR things are in California?  We can follow their stupid policies, maybe even take them a bit farther, but WE can get it right!"  Hence the state is going down the tubes in many ways.  The state wanted to increase their biennial budget by 9%.  They couldn't afford it, so now they're aiming for a 6% INCREASE.  All while claiming that they're facing drastic, harsh, draconian, kiddie-starving cutbacks if they don't get their dough.  The legislature then passed a couple bills to RETROACTIVELY tax 2009 "higher income" individuals and also RETROACTIVELY tax S-Corporations on 2009 GROSS RECEIPTS, not profits!  Yes, we're in 2010 but they're still trying to wring money out of 2009.  The federal government borrows to steal money from the future, but Oregon thinks they're smarter by trying to steal from the past!  So a company that had a lot of sales but little or no profits because of crappy margins, now owes TONS OF BACK TAXES!  Woohoo!

The voters had a problem with that, though, and managed to get a referendum on the ballot.  Seems like an easy no-brainer "NO!" would be in order, but the state and the unions (and the ever increasing number of PERS recipients) have done a decent job of convincing the electorate that "It won't affect you!  You're not rich!  You have nothing to fear!" so these stupid laws may just stand.  The polls show it as a tossup.

Ordinarily I'd be fuming about this.  Can you imagine what will happen to the average small business that suddenly has to come up with a bunch of unforeseen tax money?  Think they'll be doing any hiring any time soon?  It's gonna be UGLY!  But I'm not upset about this at all.  Because I plan on being the LAST MAN STANDING!!!  When everybody goes out of business and moves to Idaho, and I'm the only person left in the entire state, my vote will be MUCH MORE MEANINGFUL.  I will install myself as Emperor-for-life and declare the State of Oregon to be a Redneck Gangsta's Paradise, with guns and liberty and justice for all.  And lots of cheap, foreclosed-on homes and office buildings for my like-minded friends to buy up at pennies on the dollar.  I will lead us into a bright, shiny, glorious future!!!

As a heads-up, I suggest you beat the rush and start calling dibs on cool stuff and cushy imperial jobs.  Let me know right away so I can factor your desires into my lack of central planning...

UPDATE:  Dunno what fraction of the ballots have been counted, but so far both bills are passing with about 56%. Ugh.  My state will soon look like Detroit.  But with more trees.


  1. Yep, Oregon is a liberal mess, tho a few conservative strongholds are here and there.

    I would be all for the east side breaking off with parts of Wa, excluding Bend, and starting a new state. Almost happened once, why not try again.

    If not, I am buying a crap load of common shares in shovel making companies. With all the new do nothing public jobs, I figger the demand for shovels to lean, is going to skyrocket in the near future.

    Sorry to bust your bubble but my brothers and mother ain't going no where either. But hey 7 votes, to the right, is a lucky number in my numerology so hope spring's eternal.

    Down with kooklongcowski! You can engrave that on my forehead.

  2. Sorry for the rant.

    Must be reading too many posts by Snarky Badword, I guess he is beginning to rub off on me.

  3. Jaded, I'll let you get away with lots worse than that! No apology needed. Ranting is not only allowed, it is encouraged! The only thing I like to avoid is unnecessary 4-letter stuff.

    And yeah, Snarky has that effect on people. Myself included.

  4. Wow, I thought PA was FUBAR'd. When you establish the new order, let me know. I'm up for sarcastic statesman.

  5. Matt - PA had a chance to elect Lynn Swann and didn't do it. That's pretty freakin' FUBAR. Not up to Oregon levels of foob, but too close for comfort.

    I think a sarcastic statesman needs a gavel, you know, to look official. And to bonk ecohippies with. I'll get right on it.

  6. I sure hope everyone votes no so that the bigwigs in my state don't get the same idea. What a quick way to shut down the economy!

  7. Something about living on the West coast makes people stop thinking

  8. Velcro - if this crap is contagious, we're doomed. I'm half surprised they didn't try to reach all the way back to 2007 when the state economy was still decent.

    Matthew - Them there are fightin' words! You have Schumer for a Senator, so I think maybe, um, it is bi-coastal.

  9. I have a feeling stupidity is contagious...

  10. The stupidity is largely confined to Multnomah, Lane, and Benton Counties; the rural parts of the state have voted against. And jadedfellow, I'm all for forming a new state, but by Article IV, Section 3, it would require the consent of the legislatures of all states concerned and the Congress as well. Ain't gonna happen.

  11. Gordon - I mistakenly thought that if even The Oregonian realized how rotten these bills are, that we had a chance. Now I'm reduced to finger-crossing that there are a lot of ballots in rural areas that are yet to be counted.

  12. And the Mail Tribune, too. But those were lukewarm editorials -- "look how sober and reasonable we are" -- while everything else in their papers shouted "Yes! Vote yes!" It's like putting a bumper sticker on a megaphone. It has no effect on the noise level.

    No, it's over. There aren't enough votes in rural Oregon to balance Lane and Benton, let alone Multnomah.

  13. In this future Right-Wingnut's Paradise, I call dibs on the Hells Canyon region. All 650,000 acres of it. I hear there's good hunting, fishing and other cool stuff to do. I also figure 650,000 acres should be enough space for me. What can I say, I need room.

  14. I'm glad to see that the people of your state are just stupid as Californians. You see the idiots here never saw a bond issue they didn't like.

    What the geniuses in your state did, in essence, is vote yes for a sales tax. Everything that is sold will be taxed at a certain rate. Guess who is going to pass that on the the morons that voted for it. Now see if you can guess who is going to scream the loudest when that happens? DUH!

  15. We'll there's a plan to put small businesses out of business and further drive up unemployment. Truly dunderheaded thinking.

  16. Gordon - I know. Normally I'm a sourpuss but I had a brief, shinging moment of optimism there for a second.

    King Shamus - I'll record the deed right away. I worry about you getting into some trouble with that much land, though. :)

    Odie - Oregon has voted down a sales tax many times. We're kind of rebellious in that regard. But give it a new name and wrap it in a prettier package and I guess we're dumb enough to accept it.

    1TC - I keep hearing figures like 70k jobs will be lost. I fear it will be WAAAYYYYY worse than that. But hey, all those gov't employees still have to eat. The rest of us can flip their burgers and stir their mochas.

  17. Hey Innominatus,

    I would really like to leave a long comment on this Black Wednesday, but I like you and have respect for "Family-Friendly Phrasing Heartily Encouraged", so I am at a loss for words.

    Other than; I am praying for all the workers who will be losing their jobs because the public service unions wanted to keep their standard of living at others expenses.

  18. I've just voted to raise my personal debt ceiling. If the States can do it, why not this humble blogger?

  19. >>>because the public service unions wanted to keep their standard of living at others expenses.

    Jaded - that sums it up perfectly.

    Infidel - That's the spirit!

  20. We have a friend here in town that works for a drywall company. His boss told him flat out that if this tax passes, he'd have to lay him off. He was so desperate he asked his wife to help him write a letter to the editor.

    "I can't do that," she said, "I work for the school district."

    Anyway, I have a new Red Oregon Blue Oregon map up over at my place. You're welcome to it.

  21. Innominatus, I for one look forward to the day you become Emperor of Oregon.

    God bless.


Family-friendly phrasing heartily encouraged.


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