Friday, January 15, 2010

Barney says get out and vote!

Good evening fellow Massachusettians.  As a long-sitting Congressman representing our fine Commonwealth, I am discouraged by the lack of enthusiasm for Democwat Senate candidate Mawtha Coakwey.  I urge you to get out and vote, and not allow the far-wight teabaggers (NTTAWW teabagging) to hijack our agenda.

Ms. Coakwey is the perfect embodiment of the modern Democrat:  Entitled, lazy, rather inept, and quite mean.  Seriously - put a doily on her head and try to tell me she wouldn't look exactwy wike Nurse Ratched.  She went to the wight schools.  What else can you ask for?   She even had the foresight to begin campaigning before Teddy was all the way dead.  This is the kind of pwo-active leadership we desperately need to bweak the logjam in DC.

Then again, that Scott Brown is one hot man!  He, being a far-wight teabagger, is no doubt straighter than a laser beam in a vacuum and pwobably not interested in a fat weasel like me.  But you never know.  Stranger things have happened.  At the very weast, I'd get to be in the same room as him during the State of the Union addresses.  That would be pwetty cool. 

So get out and vote! 
This message paid for by the "Bawney Fwank Mean Chick and/or Hot Guy for Senate" Committee.


  1. Bawney Fwank will gwet dwat wascawwy wabbit, er I mean tweabagging Scott Bwwown!

  2. Where did you find the mug shot? I wonder what they busted him for.

  3. You sure he didn't say, "Get out of my goat"?

  4. Infidel - I hope Bawney gets him as his new Senator.

    Jaded - mugshot found on google images. Dunno which of his many crimes against humanity it was connected with.

    TMI - Well, with his speesh impedimenth it can be hard to tell. But I doubt it, 'cuz I really think he's quite OK with sharing his goat.

  5. Dude ... I think you need to update that image with this:

    Incidentally ... the captcha for this post was: monstil. Is that bawney speak for monster?

  6. Snarky, I have learned to put down any food or drink before I click on your links. I am SO glad a put my beer down before this one!!!!!

    Is this some kind of gift you have?

  7. I mean... "I" put down my beer. Only one beer. really!

    [dancing around after looking at the standings]

  8. I always did think that Bwarny Fwank is an evil Elmer Fudd.

  9. Bawney Fwank: Fat weasel of the highest order.

    If the people of his district had any brains they'd have unelected this clown last century.

    Sorry, but even a parody of Fwank gets me riled up.

  10. You bettew watch out Bownie, thewes another bloggew with hew eye on Scott.

    As far as the mug shot, Bownie got into a little trouble when a live in boy friend ran a male prostitution ring out of Bownie's home. True story that happened almost 20 years ago.

  11. Yes, Velcro ... I'm so snarkily inclined my mouse knows where to find beer spitting material with which to entertain the world. It's my special gift. Now if I could only focus on getting my work done.

  12. Matthew A. - I predict that regardless of election outcome, Bawney will still be disgusting

    Snarky - Umm, I kinda like to have readers. Don't wanna scare 'em all off.

    Velcro - hope your click on Snarky's link didn't cause your beer to become chunderstruck.

    Matt - Very evil. But I should've worked the lithp in there a little more.

    Shamus - If Brown wins, I bet Bawney stawts getting nervous.

    Odie - No kidding! It is tiresome to say "what if a Republican did that?" but it definitely applies in this case.

    Snarky - Beer seeking snark missile mouse? I think there could be a market for that.


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