Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawaiian Airlines security problem (?)

Local news station KATU is reporting that there was a "disturbance" aboard a Hawaiian Airlines flight that departed Portland at 1:30 (about an hour ago).  F-15s from the Oregon Air Guard were scrambled to intercept and escort the plane back to Portland. 

A spokesperson for Hawaiian Airlines is saying that the disturbance was "not the kind of newsworthy thing like everybody has been talking about lately."  Hmm.  I dunno, but it seems to me that sending up fighter jets shouldn't be done for trivial reasons.

Lots of "we still don't know" kind of phrasing in the reportage.  Hopefully we'll know more soon.


  1. I heard something on the evening news it was a "disturbed" man. Who? David Draimen???? WTF,
    all these jihadists are disturbed,
    more lies and spin from the scumbag in chief to come down the pike soon, I"d imagine.

  2. Well, it wasn't you on that flight, was it? I mean, you are a gun owner/concealed carry permit holder...

    I'm just sayin'...maybe that "concerned coworker" from days past might have tipped off the NSA and FBIHomeyLand Security and the BBC, and the CIA and BBKing, Matt Busby, et al, that you were going to surf the winter waves at Maui...

  3. Amusing Bunni - I still don't know any more about it

    aA - Wish I could afford to go to the tropics. I've never tried surfing though. I think I'd stink at it. And sink at it.

    Odie - the local news freaked out about it, and there was a little blurb on Drudge, but not much else. I 'spose Barry is telling everybody to shut up.


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