Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Messy Miscellany

I made a vow to myself that I'd average at least a post per day this new year.  So far, I ain't living up. I was tempted to write a bunch of piddly little posts to bring the average up, but you deserve better.  So instead I'll regale you with a bunch of piddly stuff all stuffed into one post.  Woohoo!


While everybody with a blog spent the weekend talking about the racism, pseudoracism, and general retardery revealed in Game Change, I was computerless and missed out on all the fun until yesterday.  I'm still trying to soak it all up.  "A few years ago, he'd be getting our coffee."  Wow!  Anyway, diagnosing racism is tricky.  I think it really is necessary to know the speaker before one can really know the intent of the words.  Take VP Biden for example:  If you heard breaking glass and car alarms going off, then a panicked Biden barged in and said "As God is my witness, I thought badgers could fly!" you'd believe him.  Admit it.  'Cuz that's just Joe.  Joe could say something patently racist and offensive and then plead stupidity. We'd let him off the hook, knowing that it really is far more likely that he's being stupid rather than malicious.  But these other weasels like Reid and Hill and Bill - bullshtuff is their default setting.  When they try to claim innocence, we know better.

The race for Kennedy's the people's Senate seat in Massachusettes (sic) sure is interesting.  Memo to Michael Steele and whoever the Senator is that's in charge of getting more R's elected (Cornyn?):  Stay out of the way.  The people are doing fine without you.  Continue your book tour and whatever other nonsense you are in the middle of.  Do not open your mouth about this race.  You will not help.  Your assistance may have been of some limited value a couple months ago.  Too late now.  Don't be a bandwagon jumper.  Go on Fox and call Reid a racist or something, but please, please, don't meddle with the race in MA.

A plurality now considers Bam's first year a failure.  Heh.  No sarcasm required here.

Palin getting a show on Fox?  Can I get an amen?!  Hopefully they put her in Huck's slot and he can go back to jiffy-popping some squirrel jerky.
OK, ok.  That's enough.  Let me go think of some other stuff to write about. 


  1. AMEN! Innominatus. A post a day is too much pressure! Just post when you feel like it. I'm up to around 2 or 3 a week. Maybe that will increase in the near future ;-) But until then, I just go with the flow....unfortunately with the news these days, it's flowing all downhill, like crap down a hill into a sewer!

  2. "squirrel jerky"

    rolls off the tongue. I may use it in class someday.

    *heh, squirrel jerky*

    Yeah, post when you wants to. Pressure can lead to brain cramps and brain cramps lead to leg cramps, and leg cramps make for bad blogging. Leave the cramping blogging to me!

  3. I used to have plurality. Painful. Every breath. Better now.

  4. Amusing Bunni - for some reason I keep getting a feeling that the bad news is going to taper way down soon. But that doesn't help me get anything written. :\

    Sailingbum - good to see ya again. More Palin, Less Huck!

    aA - contact my lawyer to make licensing arrangements. :)

    OG - I bet the dems' rib muscles aren't the only parts of their bodies that are getting all puckered up by the MA special election!


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