Saturday, September 17, 2011

A man of my word and SMQ preview

Many of you also read Andy's Place.  So many of ya already know of the little deal I made with Andy: that if his LSU Tigers beat the detestable ducks in week 1, I would don the fabled LSU chickenhat and post pixelated proof to all the world.  Well, that's exactly what happened.  Below are the pictures.  Obligatory FDA notice: viewing these is not recommended for people with high cholesterol, compromised immune systems, or incontinence problems...

Lookee me!  I'm a tough gangsta just like all those SEC
kiddies and if you look close you can see
where my chimichanga exploded on my shirt

OK.  That was fun.  For a second or two... Now what?
Oh, yeah!  Me gots idea!
Death to ducks!  Death to all things ducklike!!!!
(Unfortunately, this camera angle doesn't capture the full
intensity of my duckdeath scowl)
Andy also guilt-tripped asked my nicely to take over Sunday Morning Quarterback chores this week.  I've agreed.  Good Lord willin' and the Earth don't warm, that'll be up tomorrow.  Yes, I've saved a couple chickenpix for that glorious event.  In the meantime, I wanna know what are your thoughts on all this conference realignment stuff going on.  The way I see it, the Big 12 was the first attempt at making a Super Conference.  We see how that's working out...

Now the Texas fAggies want into the SEC.  And the Oklahoma schools are actually yappin' 'bout joining the Pac-12.  Ugh.  When the Arizona schools joined in 1978, one could argue that they were kinda Pacificky enough to qualify, 'cuz to the west there was only a couple hundred miles of Mexico Southern California between them and the beach.  And to the south there was only a couple hundred miles of Mexico between them and the Gulf of California which is actually Mexican waters so you can see how it gets confusing.  The Oklahoma schools will have to ride the train to the Mississsippi and then float around the Yucatan and go through the Panama Canal and then north a long ways just to even get to the Gulf of California.  Scheduling nightmare and not very Pacificky. At all.

Ye who wouldst moveth the Okie schools to the Pac-12, unto thee I doth elevate mine centremost badfinger!

Plus, I don't like the idea of two orange-n-black OSUs in the same conference.  'Specially when the new one is better than the old one.  And I gotta ask Staci (thanks for the follow!) what the bloody heck is "Boomer Sooner!"??  I've heard of Boomer Esiason.  And I know that Sooner or later everybody ends up in the Pac-X conference.  But I don't understand the connect...

PS - that's a real 48-star flag in the background.  My great uncle worked at Mare Island Naval Shipyard during WWII.  That flag was going to be used on a war vessel but we nuked the Japs before the ship was finished so he ended up with the flag.  I don't want to display it where it could be damaged so nowadays it does duty obscuring the nasty old paneling that remains on just one wall in my place.


  1. Nice chicken hat! Boomer and Sooner refer to the settlement of the unclaimed lands in what would become Oklahoma in the Land Run. The settlers who actually participated in the run were called Boomers as the run began with the 'boom' of a cannon. Sooners were those who came early and claimed land either legally or illegally.

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. :)

  2. I liked it better when it was the Pac Eight.

    My Father had a flag just like that.

  3. Great Flag Inno!

    I have no clue as to college football being I do not follow it at all but pleased to see you putting conservative values into practice by being a man of your word(s)!

  4. my chimichanga exploded on my shirt.

    Bwahahahahahahaha! Excellent work, Inno. Excellent.

    As to the flag...I want one. It hearkens back to the glory days when no one born in Hawaii (sure) could become President of the United States. Ahhhhhh....the good old days...

    As to Conference realignment. Well, I'm agin' it! Those Okie & Texas teams need to stay right where they are. Staci will tell you that Nebraska bolted because they're a bunch of titty-babies who thought they could never win a championship if they had to get over OU to do it. But, she's a homer...what can I say.

    It's all about the money.

    Texas A&M fAggies are trying desperately to get in to the SEC. If they do, it'll probably spell the end of the Big XII (or whatever it is now). But, I would turn over in my grave if a Texas school came in to the SEC. SouthEasternConference. Sure, we've got some weak sisters and all...Ole Miss being the weakest...but it was hard enough when Arkansas joined up when the old Southwest Conference closed up shop. They were Southeastern enough...bordering the Big Muddy.

    But A&M...nah! No way! Once again, it's all about the money...and even more for A&M. They want to get in a quality conference that will allow them to have more national exposure & recruit better players. In short, they want to build a real football program, instead of languishing as the mid-level over-rated retards that they are!

    And, the pacific conference (whatever it's called now)...sheesh! Y'all better hope the Okie schools don't get in there. Having to face both of those annually...heck, it's like having to play Florida, Auburn, 'Bama, MS State, and Arkansas annually. Like WE DO almost annually anyway.

    Of course, we do get our easy games with Ole Miss (annually) & Vandy every other year.

    Themz my thoughts on conference realignment. It sucks...and everybody should just stay put!

  5. You have no idea of the depths of despair that A&M moving to the SEC has caused me. It took years after the Southwestern Conference imploded for me to breathe easily, free from the despised Aggies. Now, it looks like I'm in for yearly bouts of PTSD.

    The chicken hat kinda suits you. The photos carry a "je ne sais quois" quality. Really je ne sais quois.

  6. I'm glad Moogie feels my pain over A&M.

    And, I love the French. I'm trying to think of something witty about using it in NO & being unable to use it in LR...but nothing comes to me.

    It's early.


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