Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If you could read their minds

Click-biggifying possible, even allowable, but not recommended

Whaddya think they're thinking?  Well, lemme tell ya!

1.  Yes, I REALLY AM that happy to be here
2.  Do not be alarmed by my resemblance to Tony Blair
3.  Zere are many tinks in this room that I vould like to burn.  Dat incloods peoples.
4.  Wunner if m' treestand will support my lardy self for one more season.
5.  Let's win one for the Gipper!
6.  Hey, Gipper!  Hands to yourself!
7.  My testicle itches
8.  And mom said my degree in International Jute Fiber Marketing would never get me anywhere.  Ha!
9.  If the Secret Service weren't here, I'd smack him right in the back of that ugly head!
10.  Someday I hope to land a role as a compassionate judge in a courtroom drama series on the Lifetime Network
11.  Thinking about blowing up Kaffir makes me smile
12.  I am better at Wii Sports than anyone in this room
13.  I'm half the man I used to be
14.  I'm only here to make Barry's ears look normal
15.  Eww!  Why does his hand smell like lutefisk?
16.  Chickens!  Comin' home, to roost!
17.  Can you believe I was able to sneak in here?
18.  Whoa!  Should not have done a nitrate popper just before the photo shoot!
19.  If I don't get at least $5000/month in alimony, I'm hiring a hit man to take out my ex.
20.  ???????????
21.  But they said there would be table tennis!
22.  I think I am the only normal person here
23.  Hi!  I'm Hugo Chavez and I lost 90 lbs using Nutrisystem!
24.  No, I saw you take brand new slurpee cup.  You no get refill price.
25.  Darn. If I'd known I'd be in the front row I'd have worn decent slacks.
26.  Wommyn of the world, unite!  Subvert the Patriarchy!
27.  I hope this is just a fart...  Dang!  It was not just a fart.


  1. OK, late afternoon, picking myself up off the floor from laughing, looking for my inhaler 'cause I'm wheezing from laughing so freek'n hard! Man that was hilarious!!

  2. #20. This is what I always do when I'm trapped without my teleprompter.

  3. #20: "I do solemnly swear to relinquish sovereignty of the United States in favor of an international government controlled by this new Council of International Peacekeepers . . . wait, what? We aren't doing that today?"

  4. I understand that Mongolia has declared war on us to revenge the slight on their President.

    Gosh Barry, how many ways can you embarrass the U.S.?

  5. One correction Inno ... "lutefisk"? I would have said old man's testicles.

  6. That's a good one innoman. Yeah, obama is always lost without the prompter.

  7. One of your best!! (I just wish Michelle had been in the pic,). Why don't you pretendbthat she's in there and caption her?

  8. What Moogie said. What they all said.


  9. This is so funny and creative, Inno!.

    I think # 15 would say another (sweary) word instead of lutefish.


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