Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It finally happened..

It finally happened... That event that proves I am old.  Old and losing it...

OK.  Back in July my daily driver crapped out.  Yeah, I blogged all about it so I won't re-hash the whole ordeal.  In its place I bought a modern (boring) 4-door family sedan.  Major brand, popular model, yadda yadda.  Metallic Gold paint.  I see duplicates of my car everywhere.  I'm not complaining - it is the nicest car I've owned.  Not the coolest by a long shot, but the nicest.

So a few minutes ago, I'm coming out of the bank lobby...  My peabrain is pre-occupied with trying to figure out how far that money I just deposited is going to go...  I grab the door handle and start to get in the car.  My brain silently says "what is all that crap doing in my back seat?" just as my rump is about to land on the upholstery.  Note - the brain didn't say "oh crap! this ain't yer car!" but it should have.

I hastily de-carred, shut the door, and scampered over to MY car, which was one row over.


I used to think I officially became old when music from high school started playing on the oldies station.  Nah.  That was just middle age.  Now I am officially old.


  1. oh my gosh! at least you didn't get snagged by the owner. my daughter's continuous eye-rolls sent in my direction are constant reminders of my age. :/

  2. Try owning a black Mercury Sable. I have entered the property of at least a dozen Sable/Taurus owners since I bought BlackBeauty back in '03.

    I was only 43 at the time...and I only started climbing in to the property of strangers in about '09.

    50 I was, when it come upon me. My Forties..."Those were the days, my friend!"

  3. Many years ago when my hubby was on travel for work, he and his fellow workers had a rental car. When coming out from wherever they were, they got into what they thought was their rental car (same make/model/color and the key worked) and drove away. They didn't realize it was the wrong car until they got to the hotel and opened the trunk. They went back and the people were there with the police.

  4. Welcome brother.

    Hi, my name is Six and I can't remember shit.

  5. I can sympathize. There are about a thousand pickups in town just like mine, same color and everything.

    If it weren't for the little keyfob think that makes it chirp, I'd never find it...

  6. Nah dude ya ain't old.

    Old is when a fella remembers that brown and gold metallic flecked '68 El Camino that pops did the hand me down thingee with. Being a fam friendly place here abouts I better not go on about relating some of doz memories.

    Cain't say eva got inta someone else's mode of transport, but I have been known to forget where I parked my car at work. Even tho I have used the same place for the last 33 years and it has my name on a sign.

  7. Welcome to the club Inno! I've driven Honda's for years, there must be a gazillion of them in our area. The last one I bought is Mystic Green, this way it stands out in the crowd. Well, today I forgot where I parked it. Old age won't let you win!!!

  8. I've made that mistake before~At least they had a car alarm on there's (to tell me it wasn't mine :)

  9. I've done that! Couldn't figure out why my key wouldn't work! Lot of red Tacomas in south freak'n Georgia. Only one, though, with an Orygun sticker in the back window. Seems to help. My daughter likes the "oldies" from the mid-70's when I was in high school (North Eugene '78). I don't think they're old. I still call the ones from the 50's oldies! See you later.....Go Ducks!!

  10. That's well. um. Understandable. Once we bloggers reach a certain age most of our brain power goes to our next post.

  11. cathysue - but it was in a bank parking lot, so it is no doubt recorded on a security cam forever.

    Andy - I'm only 42. That means I'll be sitting in a puddle of my own drool by the time I'm 50.

    TCL - Now THAT'S an oopsie I hope I never commit!

    Six - who are you again? :)

    Silverfiddle - Maybe I should keep one of the grandkids in the car. They seem to never stop chirping.

    amanofwonder - long-haired rowdy teenager gettin' burnin' rubber sideways in an El Camino kind of memories?

    Scooney - It looks like we have strength in numbers!

    Paul - that yellow Zero logo that people put on their cars is like Beaver repellent.

    Infidel - and most of my blog posts sucks. So don't do the math.

  12. I actually witnessed this where I work by an engineer and he is younger so it is not an age thing.

    I must say I had a very good laugh seeing this occur though.

  13. Nah, you're not tooo old yet. You didn't have fits over why "your" new car wouldn't start. You have a way to go yet -- there are degrees, like in tai kwon do belts.


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