Sunday, July 22, 2001

Atop the Sphincts

You strive to remember the lessons you learned in Rune Deciphering 101.  Maybe you had too many beers before the final, as you can remember nothing.  Rocks whiz past your head.  Your adrenalin is coursing.  Things look bad.  A glimmer of recollection...Yes...You recognize some of the glyphs and runes!  They are instructions for opening a secret doorway!  You follow these instructions, and the Sphinct's ponderous ear slides to the side with a stony groan.  Through a hail of thrown rocks, you make a daring leap into the opening and slide down a ramp into the darkness...

You have:
  • Stylish fedora
  • Bullwhip
  • Vintage Walther P-38 w/ 6 rounds
  • Well-worn leather jacket
  • Old brass lantern

There is no choice to make here.  Just continue, already!

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