Sunday, July 22, 2001

Maze of twisty passages, all alike

The Sphincts rumbles ominously then says to you "I am the Great Sphincts!  Answer my final riddle or I shall consume your security!  Tell me, O foolish conservative, what would happen if Sarah Palin, Chuck Norris and Barney Frank held a rifle marksmanship competition?"

You have:
  • Stylish fedora
  • Bullwhip
  • Vintage Walther P-38 w/ 6 rounds
  • Well-worn leather jacket
  • Old brass lantern (glowing serenely)

Please leave your answer in the comments, where you will find a link to continue...


  1. Sarah Palin and Chuck Norris would have identical perfect scores, but Norris would win on account of the fact that he shot his bullets by roundhouse kicks. Barney Frank would fumble with the safety for a little bit, then go back to DC and hit on the congressional pages.

  2. Sarah and Chuck would tie because Chuck is a gentleman. Barney Frank wouldn't be caught dead there. It's a trick question.


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