Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekend randomness with a canine emphasis

Been a rough patch for several Labradoggies among my circle of blogfriends.  Thankfully things seem to be looking better.  As for mine, she's totally recovered from the pyometra surgery and has been back to her spastic self for a while now.

Speaking of which, the floor plan of our house is a bit odd.  The front door is pretty far away from where we park the car.  The back door opens to the utility room, and often has laundry or other junk stacked so that it isn't readily used.  So we use the sliding glass door as our main access.  Mother-in-law was really sick the other day when we left for church so she stayed home, and we left through the sliding door as usual.  When we got home, Sunshine went into her overjoyed-freak-out routine where she rears up and paws at the glass door.  She managed to hit the little lever and LOCK US OUT.

The front door was installed new when we moved in, and I haven't bothered to get a key for it since we use it so rarely, and my wife didn't even bring her keys.  The utility room door was quite impassibly barricaded, as usual, and MiL was so NyQuil-ed out that she couldn't hear us yelling at her to come open the glass door.  MiL's bedroom is at the back corner of the house where the landscaping is basically nonexistent, save for MUD and BLACKBERRIES.  After a messy and painful slog, I was able to reach her window and bang on it enough to wake her up and get us inside.


OK, that little tale wasn't very exciting.  Maybe this one will be better...

The neighbors with the horses and chickens moved out.  There's a pack of coyotes in the area that we've been able to hear sometimes at night. But now that the horses are gone, the coyotes seem to think the neighboring pasture is a great place to assemble and do their little yip-yip song.   Last night, from 1:45 to about 2:20 in the morning, that is.  Not cool.  Noisy obnoxious critters.  I'm pretty sure my fence is coyote-proof, but it is a bit unsettling for them to be that close.

I gotta check into the local laws.  If I remember right, there's a prohibition on discharging a firearm within X feet of an improved roadway.  We're pretty close to the road.  But if it turns out that we're far enough away, I'm a gonna shut me up some coyotes!

If we aren't far enough away, ahem, I may have to acquire one of these and do my coyote-silencin' on the sly:


  1. That's one great shootin' range!

    It's a shame that Sunshine didn't recognize you, but it's good to know that she'll keep the home front safely locked and guarded.

    1. Oh, she recognized us. She was so jazzed about us getting home that she tried to "open" the door for us.

    2. Hah! See what I mean? You fell for it! Oldest trick in the book; pretend to be all jazzed and happy, "accidentally" locking the target out. Hold Granny hostage until negotiations yield a truck-load of Beggin' Strips and first dibs on any neighborhood cats....

  2. I had a dog lock me out of a truck that I rented to move once. At the time it really isn't funny.

    I've never heard of an oil filter silencer. What we use around here are Gamo pellet guns. They are rifles with scopes. The right pellets travel at 1200 FPS. They are $229.00 at Sheels sporting goods. My neighbors and I all have them for critter control. They are very quiet also.

  3. Thanks Inno. Angus says WOOF!!

  4. None of my dogs ever locked me out, but I can see where that WOULD piss you off. I hadn't heard of Fram silencers, either.

  5. I think I heard that guy say he was from TN; I'm not sure what part. As for me and my neighbors, we don't need no stinkin' silencers. The louder the better. :-) Kidding aside, we do usually warn each other if we're gonna shoot a little, but we don't use silencers.

    Sorry you got locked out, Inno. Our old dog Sam used to go into a coniption fit when we'd come in from work in the afternoon, so I can imagine how your unfortunate event happened.

  6. I was never locked out by a dog. A prostitute yes.

  7. I was never locked out by a dog. A prostitute yes.

  8. Amazing.. American ingenuity. Who said we're not exceptional!

    Here in AZ you can hunt coyote, and I've had that middle of the night yearning as well. But here the law is that you can't discharge (a gun, that is) within 1/4 mile of an occupied building. And the little ****s know that too!

    Went out yesterday with my Zastava M88 and practiced the congressional pastime - kicking the can down the road.

  9. Use an oil filter whenever you want to 'grease' a coyote? Whodathunk it?

  10. Thanks, Inno! Bouie and Mysti say to give Sunshine a high paw for her successful endeavor. Me, I always have a key on me. Can't have the pups ganging up on me.


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