Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey inno, where ya been?

Where've I been?  Mostly in the car.  The AC in the car works way better than the AC in the house.  So I've mostly been in the car.  It's been 100-ish for several days now.  AccuWeather says the "Real Feel" has been around 106 and even up to 114 once.  Nasty.  So I've mostly been in the car.  And the poking-through-the-window AC unit at home is acting up.  It isn't draining properly.  After about 48 hours of use, there's enough condensation inside to hit the fan.  Yes, the ________ is hitting the fan and spraying around the room.  So I've mostly been in the car.  All I can do is yank the AC, take out the filter, hold the whole thing upside down and shake the water out - like a baby that won't be quiet.  (Kidding!  Sheesh!  You people are so sensitive!)  Repeat as necessary, most likely in a day or two.

So I've mostly been in the car.

I don't have internet access in the car.  Mostly because I don't have WiFi.  I like cables.  I like wires.  When ya encounter a total flaming moron who desperately needs to be strangled, CAT-5e cable works a lot better than, um, air.   So wired internet only for this guy. Also, I don't have a laptop.  I suppose I could, you know, take my desktop PC out to the car and run some of that yummy CAT-5e cable out to it, but it is a HUNDRED FREAKIN' DEGREES outside!  Like I'm gonna go through all that exertion just to satisfy you people!  Yoish, y'all can be soooo demanding!

Tomorrow is supposed to drop back down into the 80s.  Maybe I'll be in a better mood then.


Just thinking about current events puts me in a better mood, actually.  The way the campaign has turned is awesome.  It is even more awesome than a red-white-n-blue blown '41 Willys sideways on fire driven by a hot chick in a bikini running over zombie Mao and zombie Stalin kissing at a kiss-in in front of a Dik-fil-A while Hendrix plays the National Anthem and the rhythm section is the 30mm cannon on an A-10.

OK, maybe not that awesome.  But at least this awesome:

Sorry, Buck. Couldn't find any clips of the Thunderbirds doing similar.

Let's face it:  Paul Ryan is basically Ted Nugent minus the pottymouth and a couple pounds of hair.   The libs don't know what to do about him.  Nancy Pelosi is getting visits from the Ghosts of Feminists Past.  Biden makes this chick look like the valedictorian of Smartville High, and Palin basically dares barry to give Joey the boot.  O'Bumble's campaign co-chair from '08 is now working for Romney.  Romney has TONS of general-election campaign cash he can't spend until he's officially nominated at the Convention.  At which time the BARRAGE of ads will hit, and the get-out-the-vote efforts will take off.  The slaughter will be... wait.  "Epic" is so painfully overused these days.  The slaughter will be "whatever word arises to take the place of the overused 'epic'."  To paraphrase Bull Halsey: "The Democrat language will only be spoken in the narrow confines of a university or two."


The Cold Stone Creamery "Store of the Quarter" for the Mountain West Region is store #20145 in American Fork, Utah.  I would know, because I just made the award.  In my line of work, I get all the big news scoops.  Notice, that it wasn't store #666 in Commie Flats, Connecticut.  See?  The tide is indeed turning our way!!1!


Snooping the online ed of the local paper, and I get a pop-up "You have viewed 15 articles of premium content in the last 15 days.  To continue reading, you'll need to subscribe" yadda yadda.  Premium content?  AP wire stories printed word-for-word, plus an occasional local-interest blurb about "Bertha's begonia garden" or somesuch?  That counts as premium content?  Subscribe to that?  No.  But I will go delete your stupid cookie, which resets me back to zero "premium" views.   And to think I've actually linked to these losers...


  1. Turkey trots to water. Where I repeat where is hope and change? The world wonders.

  2. Sorry, Buck. Couldn't find any clips of the Thunderbirds doing similar

    Ahem. You didn't try hard enough, Inno. But as for the REST o' the post? Spot on. Ya done good, except for those squids.

    1. Cool vid. Confession - I've seen the B.A.'s more times than the T-Birds
      *hangs head in shame*

  3. Wimp. Where I grew up, we didn't have a/c - or ceiling fans. It was hot, humid, and mosquito-infested. I'll tell ya, when enough skeeters land on you and start draining your blood, you cool right down.

    1. "Back in my day, when it came time to strangle a moron, there weren't none o' that newfangled ethernet cable. We had to weave the mosquitoes into a cord and use that to strangle the morons."

    2. Tha's nuthin! Back in my day we di'n even have mosquitoes (but we did invent the Nile virus, before it headed west and made the big time). We did have morons though. Wifi wuz in charge, I'd let people chooze: ethernet or cable, however they wanted to deal with 'em. I'll say moron that some other time... fergot where i wuz goin with this...

  4. Nothing but excitement at the Inno household.

  5. Hi Inno! At lest you have the car to keep cool. I don't have ac and no car either!
    It's cooled off here a tiny bit, so it's a bit better for the time being.

    I don't have wifi or laptops either! Which reminds me, if I stay on the computer, the whole day will go by.
    I hope you have a nice weekend.

  6. Just 105 heat index?


    No wonder HoRegon sports teams crumble when they have to come down South and face true tough folks in the SEC...or why we whip their hineys when we are forced to go up there.

    NYUK! Just kiddin', Inno.

    Well...not really.

    Bitchin' deal about making the Cold Stone Creamery award. Really. We've got one of those at the Louisiana Boardwalk (well, at least we did the last time I was there...not sure if we still do).

    But, well...never mind. (The memory is too painful to type out).

    Paul Ryan is basically Ted Nugent minus the pottymouth and a couple pounds of hair. Oh, my friend...that is a bitchin' line!

    We can only hope it to be true...

  7. Yadda yadda yadda has indeed summed things up. Now, onto more important things, Inno. Feel free to find one of your more important U. of Oregon alumni buddies, hit them up for a ticket to the #5 Oregon Ducks vs Fresno State game on Sep 8, and look for me: I will be the idiot suited up in the fake retro-Duck uniform and pads. You know, the greed and yellow stuff from a bygone age.....

  8. Hopefully it has cooled down my now. But, sounds like the drain of the AC unit needs a teaspoon of chlorine bleach if it empties outside, or at least the unit needs a good blast from a Lysol type disinfectant spray. I've had a similar problem with the dehumidifier in my basement a couple of times, and bleach's ability to kill and dissolve the clog has worked for me so far.


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