Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What can brown do for you?

Still swamped.  No time to write.  Thankfully I have a super-cool UPS driver that gives me ideas.  He pointed me at this wild rant.  I can't figure out how to embed it so you'll have to follow the link.

I dunno who this Manning guy is.  I know I have some readers in Louisiana - maybe they can put me some knowledge about him. There are no swear words, but it is, well, let's just say the guy doesn't mince words.  Hee.

Snarky Basterd found a YouTube version and
OregonGuy hooked me up with the embed code.


  1. Inno, this Manning guy has nothing to do with Louisiana as far as I know.

    I think he's the Pastor of a church in New York...hang on, lemme look...

    Okay, here ya' go... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_David_Manning

    He's got a lot of videos out on the net of sermons. He is (shall we say) less than thrilled with Obama, and was quite critical of him from the outset.

  2. Here you go, man ... pop this in your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-nJ_ta16kw

  3. Crap! I'll have to read it later. Office net nanny strikes again!

  4. Hey Inno! Thanks for hepin' me with my test.

    You 'da man!

  5. James Manning speaks the truth.

  6. Manning has been on Beck before, he speaks the truth with force of an anti-tank shoulder-fired rocket launcher!!!!!

  7. Yep. I've seen a couple of his rants. He pretty much calls a spade what it is.

    Is that racist?!?!

  8. Pastor Manning has his own youtube channel.
    He hates the "long legged mac daddy".

    He tells it like it is, and I like him.
    Glad you've found him.


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