Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare...

... A BLOG WAR!!!

One of my favorite things is when one blogger gets ticked at another.  Ace is a master at this, routinely beating up on LGF and Andrew Sullivan.  Good for lotsa laughs.  But now I find myself embroiled in one of my own.  You see, a certain funny guy who calls himself Manhattan Infidel put up a post the other day that caused a Wham! song to get stuck in my head.  I told him that wasn't appreciated.  Instead of doing the polite thing and apologizing, he instead switched into full-auto mode and blasted me with the entire song.  To me, this is a declaration of war.  It is a heinous offense.  Force must be met with force.  So, I beseech thee my readers:  click above and hasten over to his site to tell him what you think.  Suggested replies include something humorously derogatory about the NY Yankees.  Or something comically lauding the Boston Red Sox.  Unfortunately, my readership overlaps his quite a bit, meaning this could get ugly.  But I know you can do it.  I'm countin' on ya!


  1. This could get ugly. I'm just sayin'.

  2. Getting UGREE is whats I'm doo's best! Well...that and play the vuvuzela!!!

  3. Who didn't know these guys were gay? Duh!

  4. I beleive that this is the ultimate weapon in this war.


  5. I knew he was up to something...

  6. Blog wars are always fun until someone gets hit in the eye. - Winston Churchill.

    Okay, so he never actually said that but I bet he wanted to.


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