Friday, January 25, 2013

+3 Meandering Blogpost of Doom

This engraving project made me think of Harvey (thank you for your service, bro!).  The anchor is about 17" high and not quite 11" wide.  Since the brass is all reflecty and stuff, it's a little hard to read.
Prior to engraving
Dunno who Don Strickland is.
Following the compound curves was kinda tricky but it turned out well.
USS Enterprise (CVN-65) is presently undergoing decommissioning.  One one hand, it's kind of sad that Big E ist kaput, but on the other hand we're decommissioning stuff that other countries wish they could even begin to build.


Speaking of which, the Russians have one (1) carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, which looks like it has been punched in the nose and they barely have enough functional Su-whatevers to fill the flight deck.  The UK, France, Spain, etc, have a carrier or two apiece.  But they're baby helicopter carriers that probably would sink if you tried to land a Harrier on one.  The Chinese have one (1) carrier, which was just commissioned a few months ago.  They're still working on mastering carrier-based flight operations - which we had pretty well figured out, like, 75 years ago.  We have 10, I think, supercarriers, plus  9 or so smaller ones for Harriers and helicopters.  It is stuff like this that makes me look down my nose at the lesser countries of the world.  Which would be all of them.


Recently finished another, um, "interesting" project:  Vehicle magnets for the State of Oregon Governor's Mounted Guard.

Really?  Governor Kidslobber needs a mounted guard?  Just seems like pretentiousness to me.  And how do they get the magnets to stick to the horses?


I have never posted or retweeted anything on my twitter account, yet I have three followers.  That must be some kind of a record.


Oh.  Maybe they mean one of the other definitions of "mounted."  With these weirdos, it's hard to know.


Finished yet another, um, "interesting" project:  Window/door graphics at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Floor-to-ceiling two-tone stylized beanstalks.  I guess that's what passes as "garden-y".  They call it a "reed motif" but... no.  It's beanstalks, man.  Beanstalks that kind of resemble jail bars.  I guess that's what stupid people think is cool after they've smoked a lot of beanstalks.  While we were working, just about every passer-by said something complimentary.  Genuinely complimentary, not that faux-friendly smalltalk crap that people barf out while they're standing there waiting for the airport shuttle.  Scares me that so many people, who otherwise appeared normal, would actually like this design.  Ugh.  Worse yet, if people actually do like them, it might attract a little more business...  Which would mean better numbers for the Hilton Corp...  Which would mean... a little more money in Paris' purse.


I haven't weighed in on the Manti Te'o issue yet.  It is just so bizarre.  Personally, I think *SHUT UP ABOUT MANTI TE'O ALREADY!*


  1. Yup, pretty meandering.

    What, no mention of your attempts at getting on 'Disaster Preppers?'

    And FYI, Manti Te'o is gay. Connecting the dots here ain't hard.

    1. I bet it is something like that. OSU had a standout d-lineman named Esera Taualo (or something like that) about the time we were there. He had a decent NFL career and then came out as a homo. So I guess it wouldn't be unprecedented.

    2. I agree. My 'gay-dar' and yours are similar. Also, listen to the guy, he's just a muscle bound queen.

      What about the prepping thing? You know, you and the .44 Ruger Magnums and all. Anything to that? Nothing beats prepping like a serious 'man gun'.... you only have to blow away 5,000 invaders after the apocalypse, and you're home free. I'm sure you have the ammo stacked up.

      You only have to plug about

    3. Like I told Velcro in the comments down below, I'm woefully unprepared for disaster. If the stuff hits the fan, I'll be livin' off whatever eggs I can jack from my neighbor's chicken coop.

    4. Yeah, good luck on jacking those eggs, Inno. If the end of days hits any time soon, me and 4,999 of my marauding friends will beat you to it, and take the chickens, too.

  2. Inno,

    Read somewhere that some politician in your neck of the woods wants to make smoking (cigarettes I think) a controlled substance and anyone without a prescription is a criminal??
    Have you seen anything on this??

    1. Yep. A state legislator named Mitch Greenlick (yeah, he's as liberal as his name would suggest) has come up with a bill to do just that. Presumably no doctor would write the Rx, so boom! no more smokers in Oregon. Dunno what chance it has of passing. I'm guessing slim chances. But with the cabal of freaks in Salem, one can never be sure.

      PS - I don't smoke so I don't really have a dog in this fight. I just want legislators to leave people alone.

  3. Disaster Preppers, eh? Do tell...

    Nice work, by the way. I hope they don't toss it to him as he goes for a swim. And do let me know if you find out how to make a magnet stick to a horse, ok?

    Dude... Greenlick? From the law firm of Gore and Greenlick? ugh.

    1. Prepper? My brief tenure in the Boy Scouts pounded "Be Prepared" into my head. But like I said, that tenure was brief. Last time the power went out (a couple days before Christmas) we were able to come up with one (1) candle!

  4. That's some nice engraving work there, Inno...and your window graphics were stencils? I did screen-printing and window stencils years ago; had contracts for all the Meier and Frank windows for a while.

    I never did time in the Boy Scouts, but in my early teen years, I became a girl scout.

    1. They were vinyl transfers, supplied by some outfit in Ohio. Normally we make our own but I guess those guys have an exclusive deal with Hilton. Another place I worked at years ago did screenprinting but I haven't touched that process in a long time. I kind of miss it. I don't miss all the fumes, though.

  5. Good post, Inno. Thanks for keeping us up with what's going on in your fascinating life.

    Pretty work, too. I wish I had some kind of artistic talent. My stick figures don't even look like stick figures. Mom, OTOH is an accomplished artist, art instructor, and for years owned a large art supply biz.

    None of it rubbed off.

  6. Looking good Dude! The Inno lifestyle is way too complicated for me. Relax, go to the Doctor and get a prescription for a cigarette.

  7. That's one hella cap insignia you engraved!

    In re: carriers. I share your opinions in this space. You've prolly seen this, but if not... you should. My all-time FAVORITE aircraft carrier story.

    1. Yep, I've seen that and love it, also. Interesting, that there was a Navy "Global Force for Good" ad on the TV just a few days ago and I re-told that story to my wife.

      It also brings to mind this (NSFW) quote from P.J. O'Rourke (scroll towards the bottom for the "grand finale")

  8. "...the Manti Te'o issue..."

    It's a diversionary tactic by the Obummer bunch to keep the sheep from watching Washington

  9. You now have four followers in twitter.

    And what did you do to your blog? I cannot comment as my blog anymore. I had to create a freaking Google account just for you.

    Oh and what is the big deal with t'eo. I've had many imaginary girlfriends over the years.

  10. Sorry about the comments. The spam filter was letting A LOT of anonymous junk through. I grew weary of cleaning it so I disabled anonymous commenting. If it is a drag I can go back to the old ways.

    1. I just got an email from Twitter with "suggestions similar to Inominatus." They has two suggestions: Michele Malkin and Ann Coulter.

      Um. Is there something you want to tell us?

    2. Considering I have never tweeted, they have nothing to go by. Should result in a division by zero error or something. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    3. Oh. I thought maybe you were a cross dresser like that King Shamus fellow.


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