Thursday, December 27, 2012

Barry sad inauguration

[Biden] "Boss, you look kinda bummed.  What's up?"

[Obama] "Well, Yo-Yo Ma played at the last inauguration.  But he said it was so cold last time that he'd never do it again.  Then I had Ravi Shankar lined up to play, but he up and died.  Now there's no musical act.  It's gonna suck."

[Biden] "Hang on there.  That's a bunch of malarkey.  Just gimme a sec, I'll come up with something."

[Obama, imploringly] "Really?  You have connections in the music biz?"

[Biden] "Nah.  But I'm pretty good at writing and playing music."

Biden fiddles around on his laptop for a few minutes.

[Biden] "OK, boss.  Give this a listen"

Alternate Link

The pResident smacks the Veep in the face with a 3-ring binder before he can get to the next verse.

[Obama] "I like it.  Except the dog part.  Reminds me of the time me 'n dad were at the food court in the mall.  I told him 'I want a hamburger, no I want a cheeseburger, no I want a corndog.' Then he backhanded me and said 'Shut up!  You'll get dog and like it!'.  The whole thing was rather traumatic."

[Biden] "Sorry.  Lemme try again."

Alternate Link

[Obama] "I like that one a lot better. But you don't sing worth a bleep.  Maybe I can get Lady Gaga to sing your song.  But you'll get the writing credits, of course."

{Biden] "Lady Gaga?  That junk-tuckin' freakazoid?"

[Obama] "Junk-tucker?"

[Biden] "Boss, Lady Gaga is a man!"

[Obama] "Joe, you're mistaken.  Again.  She's female.  Her real name is Stefani."

[Biden] "Look, one time outside a bar in Scranton, I got the crap kicked outta me by a transvestite named Stefani.  He/she even dotted the i in his/her name with a little heart and everything.  So I know what it is from whence I speak. For reals, Lady Gaga has more Y chromosomes than MichelleO herself.  And that's sayin' something!"

MichelleO storms in angrily and bodyslams Joe onto the Resolute Desk, breaking it to pieces.

[MichelleO] "If you ate a vegetable once in a while, Joe, maybe you'd be healthy enough to stop getting beat up by transvestites."

[Obama] "OK, Joe.  I'll let you sing it.  But you have to put more emotion into it.  Make sure it makes Boehner cry."

[Biden, getting back to his feet] "Sir, Yes Sir! No problem, Sir!"


  1. Joe Biden and transvestites. Two great tastes that go great together.

  2. Inno, I was robbed ... I can't get the tunes to play.

    1. I used a different flash/mp3 player this time but I guess it didn't help.

      Just added some direct links that'll let you listen in Windows Media Player or similar.

    2. Thanks for the alternate links. Pretty good!

  3. Got it Dude ... you've been playing again.

  4. And come tax season, by executive odor, Joe gets over $6000 a year pay bump! Well, he works so hard....

  5. Wow John. Joe Biden sounds EXACTLY like YOU!
    What was his mom's maiden name?


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