Thursday, May 31, 2012

El Posto Quicko del Inboxo

Here is finally the conclusive evidence that Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi are dead:

Yesterday, they both registered to vote in Chicago

Got this in the ol' gmail inbox this morning courtesy of aA - who at one time was my bestest commenter ever but has kinda fallen off the radar lately.  Hope all is well with ya, bro!


  1. Inno! Just a shout out my brother.

  2. long as they don't root for the Cubs.

  3. I heard they'd registered in S. Texas, too!

  4. All I can say is that folks got really perturbed in Chicago when the extension of O'Hare Airport was finally approved. The new runway will pass through a cemetery, disenfranchising hundreds of voters.

  5. As long as they don't have to show ID, I don't see the problem?

  6. Good 'un.

    I suspect they've voted in Louisiana for years.

  7. Khaddafi spells his name so many different ways that he gets like ten votes every election.

  8. Lol that's a funny one.

    Now that I think about it perhaps someone should check it out, it might not be a joke.

  9. Innominatus Ol' Buddy! Thanks for the hat tip and the plaintive cry for some Geezerness from Texas! I see you have the Northwestern Geezer position pretty well in hand. I will have to step back up to the keyboard and try to regain my Gulf Coast of Texas title as the old many who says, "Pull up your pants, turn down your music and GET OFF MY LAWN!"...

    My life has been really fulled-up lately; lost 147 lbs of ugly fat (finally, legally), got myself a grandson residing up near Austin, and found a woman who is worth loving and actually loves me back!

    Not to mention a whole new real daytime, benefitted gig!

    I'm been wanting to get back into it and now a little more as things settle down some; no longer working all day and teaching 4 nights a week.

    Glad to be back, and from what I've read tonite, you ain't lost yer touch!


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