Saturday, April 21, 2012

Need help for parody of We Are the World *UPDATED*

I've just started on my next parody song, "We don't eat dogs" to the tune of We Are the World.  In the comments of the thread below, Manhattan Infidel insisted on singing.  He's probably kidding, but maybe not.  But it gets me to thinking... It would be EPICALLY AWESOME if everybody in our little corner of the blogosphere contributed a line or two, as was done in the original.  So, step up, people! 

If you are worried about your singing ability, don't.  I'll be singing on this too, guaranteeing that you WON'T be the worst singer involved.  I can even leave ya out of the credits if you like.  This will be fun, and I'll do all the pain-in-the-butt editing and mixing.  All you gotta do is sing  (as many or as few lines as you like) and record it on your computer.  Windows comes with basic recording abilities; I'm sure Mac does, too.  Or you can download Audacity if you want to tinker with your sound.  Then send me the file.  Easy-peasy!

Drop a comment or hit my email (in the right blog column under "contact innominatus") to get aboard!


Harvey raises good questions in the comments.  My plan is to finish the lyrics and sing the whole thing through, for timing's sake.  Then I'll send my audio files to other participants.  These others can sing any part they like, using my suggested lyrics or those of their own choosing.  Then I'll graft their vocals into the mix.  I'll post the lyrics here and color code them so people know what parts have been done and what is still needed.  I just set a new speed record for "last bite at the New China Buffet" to "violent trip to the bathroom" in just 35 minutes so I'm done fiddling with this project for the night.  I'll have more for ya tomorrow...


  1. Or, $10 microphone from Kmart, and my favorite free audio software WavePad:

    It's what I used to do the IMAO podcast. Very simple & intuitive. It's like the MS Paint of audio software.

    Anyway, do you have lyrics yet, or are people supposed to completely make up their own?

    Also, add this video of the karaoke version of the song to your post to help inspire people:

  2. To start the song I would go with: 'There comes a time when we "need" a certain "kennnel"
    Just a shot?

  3. I might have to get in on this thing. Let me know whats up.

    We are the world, we are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So lets start giving
    There's a choice we're making
    We're saving our own lives
    Its true we'll make a better day

    We don't eat dogs, we are pet lovers
    We aren't the ones cooking Chile Con Doggie
    So let's start barking
    'Bout the choice Obama's making
    We're saving poor Bo's life
    Its true we'll make a better day
    Just you and me and Fido too

  5. Heh. Cutting right to the heart o' the matter... ;-)

  6. In other commenting news... I'm SO parody-impaired as to be little use in this project. Not to mention my "geese-farts on a muggy day" voice. (I stole the voice line from Leo Kottke.)

  7. We all love dogs, and we don't eat them.

    We love our citizens, and we don't cheat them.

    Obummer must get voted out, before he frickasee's another doggie snout.
    Let's save America and our pets, and send oblahblah packing. There will be
    NO DOGS allowed for SNACKING!

    Sad, I know, but I'm preoccupied today ;-)

  8. I'm in... I've had that $10 mike Harvey talks about since 1996. Only then it was $9 at Computerland!

    Lyrics and suggested silly offshoots would be a good start.

    ♪♫ Jimmy ♪♫

  9. Might I suggest doing "I ate a dog" to the tune of Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl"?

  10. We are the dogs, We are the bone pickers,
    We are the ones who make the mailman delay,
    So lets start barking,
    There's a choice we're making,
    We're saving our lives,
    It's against who you ate, the other day.

  11. Thanks David Jack Smith. I would have never been able to remember those lyrics.

  12. Interesting and very creative idea, Innom. Thinking about joining the fun.

  13. I'll warble if I can figure out how to record.


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