Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In summary...

Trestin is running for office in Utah.  Good luck, blogbrother!


Max artfully and humorously pwns Portland City Councilor/Water Commish/Hypermoronic Megaliberal Randy "Couple million bucks for a public toilet is a bargain" Leonard in the comments section of a  NW blog.


Came up with a work-around for some wordpress blogs that have been barfing my comments.  I've heard that Matt and possibly others have been having the same problem.  I'd tell y'all what I did, but it was rather convoluted and I can't really remember what I did.


Brother-in-law is still staying with us.  It has not been as miserable as I'd expected.  The other day he offered to go grocery shopping.  Yeah, dude - go for it.  He asked what I wanted.  I told him I wanted some apples.  And not some nasty, mealy, cardboardy apples, either.  I want crisp, crunchy apples!  Don't care if they're sweet or tart, as long as they have some pop!  So, BiL asks the produce dude which apples are the crispest.  Produce dude said "Pink Lady", which BiL kindly brought home.  Ain't ne'er heard o' no Pink Lady apple b'fo.  *BITE*  Hmmm, very slight tooth-dents in the apple's skin. *HARDER BITE* Teeth go

(Whoops.  Wait a sec.  "Lady" by Styx is on the radio.  That always calls for a time-out.  I love that march-beat thing during the last verse.  OK, song's over.)

partway into the apple, but not enough to get a real bite.  *REALLY HARD BITE, COMPLETE WITH STRAINING AND GRUNTING NOISES*  Alright, have you ever been playing tug-of-war, and the fartbreath on the other end of the rope decides to suddenly let go, just to watch you go flying buttocks-over-teakettle?  Yeah, that's what this apple did when it finally yielded to my bite.  Bit the McCrap out of my lower lip.  Decent tasting apple, but sheesh.  If the palestinian kids find out about these apples, it's gonna be real hard for the makers of Intifada Throwin' RocksTM to stay competitive.


Clickin' through some links that Harvey included in one of his posts at IMAO, I ran into this:

That, right there, is the upper limit of just how much coolness can be packed into a 3" circle.  Available at the Mil-Spec Monkey.


  1. Pink lady sounds so much better than hard and sour, don't it?

  2. Nyuk! Good post, Inno. Gave me a good chuckle this am.

    Hold it in the road, Pal!

  3. I've been having trouble with comments at Wordpress too. Can't live a comment I'm having trouble either. I have Gravtar that used to work until about a week ago.

  4. I need me one of those pork-eating crusader badges.

    Of course this being New York City I'll probably be attacked and beaten unconscious by a peace-loving vegan.

  5. I need me one of those pork-eating crusader badges.

    Of course this being New York City I'll probably be attacked and beaten unconscious by a peace-loving vegan.

  6. Thank you. I have my campaign website up:

  7. I never considered a career as a professional commenter... which seems like just the thang for a Man o' Leisure such as myself. Is there a union I have to join, or a test I have to take, or sumthin' else I should know about in order to get started? I'm REALLY interested in this.

  8. Well, with those patches, you can offend Muslims, other Jew haters, and PETA. Sound like win to me.

    Thanks for the linkage, though the problems seems to have gone away,


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