Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MSNBC becoming more honest?

They're changing their slogan to "Lean Forward", which seems to me pretty much synonymous with "Bend Over".

UPDATE: Just noticed at 12:05 that Instapundit said the same thing, but said it first.


  1. Maybe honest in just who they are, but that does not change the decietful propagana that they espouse.

  2. The reason they're leaning forward is to get a better whiff of ObozO's ass. (Ooooops! That's not "family friendly...sorry)

  3. You want the inside scoop? They are all shitting bricks. Comcast as made it clear that they won't stand around and see their investment run into the ground like GE did to it.

  4. Silly me. I always thought that news outlets shouldn't lean at all.


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