Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lay down! Stay! Good dog!

As most are now aware, President Obama gave a speech in Wisconsin where he moaned about people talking about him like a dog.  The root of the problem is that Obama and others in gov't have a serious inversion regarding the master/servant relationship.  "...by the People, FOR the People..."  Maybe that sounds vaguely familiar to these elites - something once chattered by a teacher - but it is certainly not the prevailing mindset among those in government.

See, when everything is whittled down to the basics, each individual is responsible for EVERYTHING that goes on in that person's life.  Governments are instituted among men to preserve our rights.  Governments are also given authority, delegated by the people, to do certain things.

A real-life example of this is public schools.  The people are responsible for education their kids.  Period.  Some  people may choose to meet that obligation through homeschooling.  But the people can also accomplish this by telling their b*tch servant, the government, "It makes more economic sense to put more of us in the workforce rather than individually educating our kids.  Therefore, we have collected finances through voluntary taxation.  Use these resources to educate our kids."  The government is the servant who does the bidding of the people.

Each individual is responsible for his own security.  But we delegate much of that authority to various law enforcement agencies.  We ASSIGN many tasks to our servant.  I could generate a long list of them.  But the point is, government is the servant of the people.  The people are the Master. 

That a government official bristles at being compared to a dog completes my point.  Government is SUPPOSED to be the servant who does the bidding of the Master.  Government is SUPPOSED to be talked down to; given COMMANDS from the people.  When that relationship gets skewed and the servant usurps the place of the Master, conflict becomes inevitable.

I love my dogs.  To an almost irrational level.  I'd probably take a bullet for my dogs.  But I remain the Master.  If Chance or Sunshine is sitting on the couch where I want to sit, they darned well better move when I tell them.  It is good that they bark when somebody approached the front door.  But they darned well better shut up when I tell them to.  I will bring correction if they fail. 

Mr. Obama, I'd really like to be able to love you like I love my dogs.  I'd love it if you listened to me the way they do.  I'd love it if you responded to correction.  I'd love it if you recognized that while you may be "Head Dog", you remain a servant - chosen by the people.  We could have a great relationship, like I have with my dogs.  I really, genuinely, would like that.  But I will not give up my position as Master.


  1. Obama deserves no respect what-so-ever. Dogs, on the other hand...

  2. Well, sometimes the Alpha has to put the "other" dog in its place, usually by rolling the subordinate dog over and clamping gently but menacingly on the throat. Then growling. After a time, the Alpha lets the other dog up and each knows its place.

    November is when we hear the growl, I think!

    Good one, Innominatus!

  3. Well said, Innominatus. Of course, comparing Obama to a dog is ridiculous. Dogs never take vacations or go golfing when there is danger near.

  4. Hi Inno! You are very correct. Gov't should take it's orders from the PEOPLE. This is why we are so screwed, gov't thinks they order US around. We will give them a big wakeup call in Nov.

  5. Spot on. Best thing about my Bouie? When I say, "Leave it," he does.

    So, I think LL nailed it.

  6. Muslims hate dogs. Obama bristles when being talked to like one. Way to scotch those rumors, Barry!

  7. I would never abuse a dog with the vile terms I use in describing the president lol

    Linked at RR, great post

    WE WILL NEVER FORGET: Nine-Eleven Edition


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