Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogwar: Prepare yourself to be underwhelmed

I've been hard at work refining the algorithm that my Compatibility Matrixtm evaluates matches on, but I've been interrupted by a Declaration of Blogwar from Patti.  Evidently the default settings for my template had left the "Followers (65)" text the same color as the background, rendering it unreadable to those who don't know the secret of "invisible ink": putting text the same color as the background SO IT IS ONLY VISIBLE WHEN SELECTED WITH THE MOUSE.  That's like Blogging 101 level stuff.  It's what happens when ya let girls try to use the computer.  :)

So now she's over at her place crowing about having 66 followers on her blahg and pleading for people to "come out of the closet" and Follow her, all while questioning MY tastes in blogging.  How dare she!  So I've now changed the color of the "Followers" text so she can fully appreciate the fury she hath loosed on the blogosphere.  There will be much carnage!  Picture in your mind (since I don't post many pictures) two really uncoordinated obese kids trying to hit each other with underinflated water balloons.  Yeah, that kind of carnage... Not for the faint of heart.  So if you want to go over there and express your dislike for her tactics, feel free.  Be polite, though, 'cuz beating up on girls is kinda rude.  But whatevah you do, stay in the closet and don't Follow her!


  1. mmmwwwwaaaahahahahaahahah let the beating begin!!!
    You dopes just been schooled Patti-style!!!
    (I dunno what that means, but I heard it once, and I feel tuff saying it.)

  2. no cheating either. like signing up a million new followers by creating fake gmail accounts!

  3. I've been hard at work refining the algorithm that my Compatibility Matrixtm evaluates matches on

    THAT'S why my brain exploded. No math or math concepts while blogging. It just leads to bad things.

  4. oh dear. Chris dodd's halitosis:65 Scrapbooking/spitting babies: 71. SEVENTY ONE. Baby.

  5. I am completely underwhelmed. I have already followed you, Innominatus. I will see what I can do otherwise.

  6. I hope no one uses blog weapons of mass destruction.

  7. I'm a girl computer-user, so I obviously didn't know how to follow until you un-invisibled the ink. I have pointed and clickered now, so up the tally.

  8. At first, this "Patti" if that's her real name, seemed like a nice person, being a pastor's wife and all. But this blog-war seeems to have brought out a dark side that, in truth, scares me a little.

    Also, Patti, while I like Innominatus a lot, I don't have the gumption to gin up fake accounts to "cheat" for him with. It's not that he ain't worth it, but come on, how can a guy compete with "cute, sweet, and baby crafting" and such.

    Also, I'm just lazy that way.

  9. ooooooh sad, tell them the truth...I'm as nice as it gets!!


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