Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy May 20th!


  1. On behalf of the Muslim brotherhood-Fatwa! Fatwa! Fatwa! Or if that doesn't scare you...Tax Audit!

  2. Awesome. I would risk getting my head cut off for that one

  3. Inno, you seem to be making sport of The Prophet.

    Fur shamz, fur shamz! Dude, that was about the gayest thing I've seen on all of the evil Western-created internet today.

    Good work!

  4. I think we need a theme song for this. Kinda like "Homey the Clown," but with some lyrics appropriate to the "prophet."

  5. Inno...I read the comment you left over at my place. I had actually been working on an "Everybody Draw Calderon post earlier."

    I published it.

    This is spooky...I hope it'll go viral.

  6. Lol, I posted the comment I meant for King Shamus over here. Kindly disregard my previous comment.

    As for YOUR artistic impressions, I don't like the way he's looking at me. I feel kind of violated.

  7. JBomb - IRS scares me more than muzzies!

    labcat - mo'mad deserves nothing but the best. And that means bruno.

    Matthew A. - Thanks. Nice work getting linked up at Hot Air yesterday.

    Andy - Now I gotta git to work on a Flippy Calderón pic!

    Odie - You have a problem with that? :)

    Matt - Getting me confused with KS doesn't bother me. And as for mo'mad eyeing you, don't take it too personally. He feels that way about everybody.

  8. Nice photo of the esteemed prophet. But where is the preteen boy he's going to rape?

  9. That was great! A new Muslim trend?

  10. You sure that redness didn't seep from his drawers?

  11. Awesome.

    I'm stealing this homie.

    Thanks in advance!


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