Saturday, April 28, 2001

You're a winner!

You are considerably smarter than pResident Obeyme.  Somewhere around 25 IQ points higher, in fact.   



  1. Thanks for the substitute test, Inno, seein' as how I never did the ACT, SAT, yadda, yadda. I DID score highly on the Cannon Fodder Test, though, which resulted in a semi-illustrious career in the Breakin' Things and Killin' People What Needs Killin' bid'niz. So... like you said: "I'm a Winner!" Where's my chicken dinner?

  2. Buck - Good work on the AQE. As for chicken dinner, ummm. You can have one of the stuffed pork chops my wife made yesterday. Seriously. Take as many as you want. I'll even pay shipping, just to get them out of my house.

    If that doesn't sounds so good, you can still tell all of your friends that innominatus thinks you're smarter than barry. That should be worth something.

  3. I'm a Winner~ But Please don't send me those pork chops
    BTW~Your word verification is "re ate" is that a clue?


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