Monday, April 5, 2010


I was thinking this morning about putting up a post about how blogger seems to be having a lot of problems lately.  Like not letting me save.  Then not letting me post.  Then giving me cryptic errors.  I've been following Basil's Blog for a while but it wasn't showing recent posts.  As a Windoze user, my instinct was to un-follow then re-follow and see what happens.  More cryptic Blogger errors, with this latest one not even appearing in their knowledge base/help section.  Kept trying.  Eventually it worked.  Cool.  So nevermind, everything is fine.

Then I was going to snivel about how I was sooooo close to having 50 followers and how much I wanted to break that threshold.  And suddenly, the 50th follower appeared.  Woohoo!  But Basil is so cool he follows me twice (note his twice-present happy kid gravatar), so do I really have 50?  Barry would probably say I have 57, but I never believe him anymore, and besides, he (still) throws like a girl.  Somebody out there, why don't ya go ahead and follow me so I can sleep well tonight knowing that I am officially cool enough to deserve 50 followers.  I can't handle the uncertainty.

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  1. You just need a second opinion. So I asked Joe Biden how many you had and after a brief clack-clack-clack with an abacus, he said you had 96. That's a big f**king deal, inno!


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