Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your vote doesn't matter

You're getting very, very sleepy.  Your eyelids are so heavy.  You can barely keep them open.  Relax.  Everything is going to be OK.  You're getting very, very sleepy.  Your eyelids are so heavy.  The platter of snacks on you lap - the ones your bought with your food stamps - are also getting heavy.  So heavy.  You probably couldn't lift them off of you if you tried.  So don't even try.  It's OK.  You're getting very, very sleepy.  Your eyelids are so heavy.  You really don't have to go out there and vote.  Pelosi said our democrats will surely hold the majority.  So it'll be OK if you don't vote.  Those Tea Party people make a lot of noise, but there really aren't that many of them.  They can't really influence the elections.  Relax.  You don't really have to get off the couch and vote.  ACORN and the unions will get enough votes.  Just relax.  Yes.  That's it.  You should have a pizza delivered.  Doesn't that sound good?  Maybe try Guitar Hero again.  That is so much more fun than voting.  Your vote isn't really needed.  Besides, it is raining.  You don't like rain.  Just stay inside and relax.  Have another snack that your taxpaying neighbors bought for you.  Yes.  Listen to the rain tinkling on your window.  Soooooo peaceful...  Let's turn on eneMaS-NBC and watch the election results....

This is the first time I've made an animated .gif!  Yay for me!

UPDATE: Bummer! It ain't moving! It works if you click on it, but is static when posted to the blog. :(

UPDATE x2:  They can not stop me!  Change the tag from "a href=" to "img src=" does the trick.


  1. Hi Inno! They want us to think our votes don't count, but I for one (and I know all us geniuses) can't wait to get out there. I would crawl on broken glass in a monsoon to vote. I hope EVERYONE doesn't become complacent. We must show up in UNPRECEDENTED NUMBERS, I think we will, and the msnbc numb nuts will all have strokes! What fun.

    I hate blogger, that happens alot with gifs. They don't work until you click on them. It looks really cool when you enbiggen, now I'm sleepy, time for a nap....ha ha, JK. Have a nice nite.

  2. Don't let them turn on MSNBC until the polls close!!! Someone might mention that the free cheese goes away if incumbents aren't re-elected!

    Being pretty much computer-illiterate, I am so very impressed with your watch-the-watch.

  3. Dude! I'm RUV you LOOONG time!!! But not like Barney's Frank.

  4. So very Inno-vative, I must say!

    Good job, now all we have to do is buy air-time on Hoofington comPost so they'll all see it.

    Either that or on Oprah...

    Great job!

  5. Wow, I almost thought I was on welfare! Great trick.

  6. Your codingfu is strong but no match for The One. I must use Mobama style to defeat you.

    Healthcare punch! Stimulus side kick! Illegalimmigrant crotch grab!

    Yah! I am undone. You win this round Innosan but I'll be back. Oh yes, I'll be back.

  7. Of course the Democrats are going to hold onto their majorities. Their base (dead people and illegal aliens) will come out in droves to vote.

  8. Bunni - Yes, watching the MSNBC crew cry and throw things will be the highlight of the whole thing.

    Moogie - I like the watch, too. Kinda choppy, should've had more intermediate frames. But now that I know how to do it I think I'll be doing more of them.

    JihadGene - Nobody ruvs quite like you.

    aA - Thanks. Dunno if any PuffHo readers actually know how to read. Maybe we can get somebody to translate it into interpretive dance.

    Matt - Do not stare directly at the watch. Do not feed the watch after midnight. Do not taunt the watch.

    Six - I see your blog-fu and raise you a GIANTS!!!!

    Infidel - that's why I've been in training for the Zombie Apocalypse

  9. Inno, I hope this works (that is if a lib shows up here first?)

    By the way, the gif started right away for me.

  10. Thanks for the code. I've attempted using .gifs before, but they just sit there.

    'Course, most of mine are naughty.

  11. I'd leave a comment but I'm too sleepy.

    I'll have to remember that trick. You can also embed from photobucket.

  12. Dude! Good post. But my true congratulations on the .gif.

    Excellent work. I don't have the skilz. So, I shall just steal that one, and file it for future use.

    Thank you very much.


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