Thursday, October 7, 2010

In praise of hippies!

Wait! Am I on the right blog?

Yes, Tim Lincecum is a hippie.  I mean, look at the hair, man.  He even looks like Joe Cocker falling off the stage thing in this pic.  You can't get much hippier than Joe Cocker.  But I'm willing to overlook these shortcomings because he's starting tonight for my Giants against the Braves.  Besides, he is motivating a new generation of stoners to embrace capitalism by selling "Let Tim Smoke" t-shirts.  See?  Not all hippies are completely useless.


  1. Well, go ahead, let him smoke. Like Ricky Williams.

    Such lame-o excuses for slumps...either pitch or get off the mound. Either smoke or abide by the law.

  2. Go Giants.

    Yankees are up 2-0.

    Dare we hope for a Yankees/Giants World Series?

  3. Wooo! Complete game shutout. Gave up 2 doubles and a walk and struck out I think 14. Again I say "Woooo!"


    jaded - I saw what you did there!

    aA - I say abide by the law, but then again, things are, um, "different" in San Francisco.

    Infidel - Yes, we dare! In fact I dare to hope we get a Giants/Yankees WS, the House, the Senate, and that I pull an old lady out of a burning car and she gives me $700k.

  4. Hippies.

    I have a lot of friends that are hippies.

    I think of them as handi-capable.

  5. Inno: Congrats on the win! I'm not a big baseball fan any longer, but man...we've seen some good pitching so far.

    Lincecum really brought it from what I read. Good on your Giants!

  6. I never thought there'd be a use for hippies.

  7. I'm learning a lot here. I would have never guessed that not all hippies are useless.

  8. My biggest laugh was when the lefties accused Obama recently of "hippie punching." I don't know why.

  9. Lincecum had a sorta up and down year, but it looks like he saved up some energy for the post-season.

    Either that or he was totally blazed up on some straight OG Kush before the game.


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