Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Limbaugh, Palin, Obama - One big happy family

I just got to work and turned on the 'puter and the radio, and Rush is talking about how is showing that he (Limbaugh) is Obama's 10th cousin.  "And I guess I have a one-half 10th cousin living in a hut in Africa" Rush said.

Imagine the publicity coup if Rush and/or Sarah Palin gathered the nickels from under the sofa and built Cousin George a proper house! 

I'd like to suggest this to him but I'm not a Rush 24/7 subscriber so my email would no doubt be lost in the sea of spam and hate he gets daily.  If you're a subscriber and have access to the privileged subscriber-only email address, please suggest this to Rush.


  1. Inno,

    They always link the most far-fetched families together, that I have tuned this crap out.

    Even if true so what? I have a brother and a 1st cousin who are flaming libs, do I love them? Sure, but vehemently disagree with them and tell them so at every chance.

  2. Christopher - I'm not fussing over their shared ancestry. I just think it would be hilarious if a prominent conservative stepped up and helped George Obama move out of his hut... While Barry golfs and dines on wagyu beef and arugula.

  3. This explains it all. The reason pResident Useless went after Limbaugh was just a family feud.

  4. Maybe this should be a project of the RNC, too! Beck could hold a rally to raise donations! Or a bake sale!

    Excellent idea.

  5. Ya' know, Inno...I've often wondered why Limbaugh hasn't done this before.

    I mean, even before he knew they were blood kin.

    I have always thought it would be hilarious...and very telling if Limbaugh would go invest about 100 large in the area of the hut-dwelling cousin of our President.

    Fact is, he may have already, whether knowingly, or not. Regardless, it would certainly show the difference in the two mindsets. The lib mindset...send billions in foreign aid to Afferka so that most of it could be siphoned off by tinhorns...or go spend a measly hundred grand, employ locals to dig wells, clear roads...and for God's sake, get George at least a tin roof.

    Heck, Rush might even be able to talk Jimmuh in to going over there to nail it on if there were cameras involved.

  6. Forget what I said...Rush couldn't talk Jimmuh in to anything. Carter don't understand sense.

  7. I agree, that would be hilarious.

  8. For most people, charity starts at home, or their community.

    For a left-wing agitator like Barack Obama, charity starts at the federal government's teat, with other people's money.

    I'd love for El-Rushbo to run with this idea.

  9. I was once told Robert Byrd was my great uncle ... what's that make me?

  10. Odie, hopefully that makes you a man that was lied to.

  11. Rush should send a c-note to his cousin and buy him a city over there....


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