Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What time is it?

So we're already hearing reports of buggered up voting machines in Nevada and North Carolina, among others.  Now Oregon is feeling left out.  We ain't got no fancy video thingermajigs to vote with.  We're feeling totally left out of all the fraudulent fun.

But wait!

Oregon's observation of Daylight Savings Time is hardwired in the Oregon Revised Statutes to end on the last Sunday of October.  Of course the feds changed their standard a while back, so this year it will end on November 7.  Hmmm...  On election day, Oregon will "officially" be one hour off the rest of the country... Oregon officials say "we'll just observe the federal standard."  In other words "Hey, we're government!  We'll break our own law whenever we dang well feel like it!"  Hate to say it, but just agreeing with the feds, and waiting 'til the 7th to change our clocks probably makes the most sense.  At least until our legislature quits fussing about squirrel habitat and "cultural competency counselors" and gets around to changing our DST law...

But wait!

What about the lawyers?  What about the putz who barely loses his race then wants to sue saying that all the ballots received after 7:00 or 8:00 or whatever are technically "late" and therefore disqualified?  Since we vote by mail, what about the time on the postmarks?  After the ballots are out of their "secrecy" envelopes, how does one determine when they were received?  How would one eliminate "late" ballots from a recount?  How does the whole thing NOT become a complete cluster?

I dunno how this will all play out.  I expect it really won't matter much.  But if it does become an issue, I'll only give you one guess as to who will benefit.  And you'll be right.


  1. My guess is that Martha Stewart will benefit.

    Am I right?

  2. On Halloween, they won't go bump in the night, they'll go bump in the daylight.

  3. Who benefits?

    Mitt Romney.

    Oh wait, no...

  4. You know who doesn't benefit? Military members and their families who are serving overseas and must count on imcompetent Secretaries of State to get ballots to them in time to cast their votes. No election should be certified anywhere until the very last ballot from military has been accounted for. Talk about a cluster.

    But, maybe aA is right and Martha will make everything right. Or at least color-coordinated.


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