Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jim Croce's turn to cry

So maybe my slaughtering of "Leader of the Band" left you wanting more... if so here's

I'd been working for quite a while on "reverse engineering" this song by playing the different instruments and recording track-by-track in Audacity.  It is darned hard.  Not just the technical aspects of getting it to sound right, but the musicianship is really hard to match.  Then I noticed the new beta version of Audacity has a "remove vocals" effect.  I tried it on the original song and it got rid of most of the vocals.  So I stopped trying to pretend I'm a musician and just added my lyrics.  Which, of course are out of my "decent" singing range and through a crummy mic.  But there was also a lot of reverb that the effect didn't catch.  So you can kinda hear Jim in the background here and there, lamenting what I've done to his great song...

Hear the call to prayer and I'm on my way,
I've got a name, Barry Hussein.
Like the braying ass with his bale of hay,
I've got it made, I've got it made.
I hate this country just like my daddy did
And his dad before him, and my momma Stan.
Putting it down the fairway,
Putting it down the fairway,
Playing some golf then I'm gonna go get high.

Like the north wind whistlin' down the sky
I've got a song, I've got a song, MMM MMM MMM
Like the whippoorwill and the baby's cry
Whippoorwill? What's that? Hope it don't attack!
It's all about me and I sing it loud
Economy goin' nowhere, Michelle so proud
Puttin' it down the fairway
Puttin' it down the fairway
Playing some golf then I'm gonna go get high

Secret Service take good care of me

Like the commie I am and I'll always be
I've got a dream, my father's dream
Tea Partiers out there actin' whacked
Always givin' me flak, just because I'm black
I'll give you a bailout if you want me to
If you're on a vacay, I'll go with you
Puttin' it down the fairway
Puttin' it down the fairway
Playing some golf then I'm gonna go get high


  1. LOVED IT!

    I thought kariokee (sp?) and then you had me laughing,,splendid!

  2. You rock Innominauts, pure and simple. Thanks!

  3. If I could sing, and IF I were to go to a karaoke joint, I'd be doing this version of the classic!

    So great, such a dedication to your craft! Al Yankovic is swelling with pride/jealousy right now.

  4. I think it's time to go to San Fran and reprogram some karaoke machines. We may be able to wipe out half the hippie population with head explosions.

  5. Jim Croce is rolling over in his grave....From laughing his A$$ off.Good work, damn good work.

  6. Well Inno, everyone has been so kind and complimentary that I don't think I can top those.

    So, it sucks! Nyuk! Just joshin'...

    Dude, that "putting it down the fairway" line literally made me giggle like a little girl at a slumber party.

    As you may know, Jim is in my top five of all time. I've still got the vinyl, and a machine to play it on. I also have 8 tracks, but no player.

    I think you did him proud.


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