Monday, October 11, 2010

Some things are better left unblogged

Happy Columbus Day!  All you whiny leftoids need to get over it - we're not going back to Europe and letting the new world revert to a semi-savage land of tribal warfare.  Veni, Vidi, Vici and now there's a Starbucks at every intersection.  Amen, brother.  If you think our ancestors were a little rough on the natives, consider what Imperial Japan or the Soviets would have done to them.  Yikes.  Instead of running casinos and selling fireworks, they'd all be either slaves or just plain dead.  So go thank a white european-American for preserving the Native American way of life.


By now you've no doubt heard that some schnickelfritz threw a book at barry over the weekend.  To this yet un-named spitweasel I make the following statement:

Yo, fartbreath, knock it off!  You can't go around throwing stuff at the President of the United States.  That ain't proper at all!  We need that guy out there in front of the camera, not skulking in fear.  Every time he flaps lip we win more congressional seats.  Thanks to you, he's gonna be in hiding getting intensive PTSD treatments and sobbing alone in a corner about how downright mean America is instead of embarrassing himself and his party.  So channel your rage into something more constructive, like throwing books at Chris Matthews.


My Beavs pulled off a nice road victory this weekend over the (formerly) #9 team in the country.  Now we're at #24 in the AP poll, and 29th or somesuch in the Coaches' poll.  Yet the computer poll shows us at #7, mainly because we're 3-2 despite a BRUTAL schedule. Why the discrepancy?  Conspiracy-mongers are saying that the powers-that-be are trying to keep OSU's ranking down so Boise State's victory over us won't seem like a big deal, paving the way for Some Crappy Team from the south to play Some Crappy Team from the Great Lakes area to give us a so-called National Champion that is really no champion at all but merely good for attracting TV ratings.*

Do I believe that?  Hope and Change, baby!

* I charge extra for meandering, paragraph-sized run-on sentences.  So you now owe me a dollar.


  1. I agree. Don't throw books at the President. (Unless it's a copy of the Constitution.)

    As for all the Columbus haters (he committed genocide, etc etc). I live in New York City and from what I've seen of Dominican neighborhoods, it was probably the Dominicans who were killing Columbus' men, not the other way around.

  2. Innominatus! I knew there was a reason I keep reading your blog. Thank a white european indeed, lol! Don't hold your breath for that to happen ;-)

  3. Well, it turns out that the book thrower was an useful idiot. That explains a lot. Book contain this stuff called "information." This "information," if read, might lead to minions having independent thoughts. They just can't have any of that!

  4. Inno, I will gladly give you a dollar on Friday for a Hamburger today.

    Dude, I'm iz mezmerized by that solioquy. Seriously. I do not know how to spell solioquy, but I'm iz mezmerized anyhow.

    Gotta give big kudos for your Cleavers! I mean, it's almost like "Wally ate her ice cream," or something.

    (Catch that one, and win a prize).

    Back to the Columbus Day doubt you are spot on. I lived amongst the injuns for several years on the rez. I can assure you that had the japs took over (actually, I have a great story about an old Southern Ute friend of mine, Carl Baker, who was a valiant, yet silent hero in WWII that I'll get around to posting one day) the redman would all be the deadman.

    I actually had not heard about the book throwing thing until just now. I've been suffering from vaccination fog...I do not recommend it. But, I'm crawling my way out of it. Ain't you happy behind that? I know I'm iz.

    If someone threw a book at Chris Matthews, he would likely do a show about "Unidentified Flying Objects."

  5. @ RR: Aw, you know I love you but I can't back you up on that one. Ohio SUCKS!

  6. Infidel - Giants!

    Red - Not holding my breath. But I'm willing to strangle, ahem, sorry help liberals hold their breath.

    Matt - I've only seen stills, no vid. But if this guy was a barryboy, then I bet he throws like a femme.

    Andy - My favorite episode was when Beav got caught riding a go-kart on the street. "But your honor, it's just a one lung-er!" And please do (soon) tell the tale of Mr. Baker. There was some serious heroism among the NA community in WWII. And I'll read just about anything about WWII. Even your stuff. :)

    RR - We agree on a lot, but tOSU drives me bonkers. I'm with Red.

  7. Rate we are going, we will be back tilling the soil with a mule... as the administration has said, we want to de-evolve our structure.


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