Monday, October 25, 2010

What? Impeach John Roberts???!?

Cong. Peter DeFazio (D-bag, OR-4)
My rep, pictured above, has finally gone cuckoo for the cocoa puffs.  

See, most years he runs practically unopposed.  Some no-name inbred hilldweller usually appears on the ballot as an erstwhile "opponent" but the outcome is pretty much pre-ordained.  This year things are different.  He has a real challenger with real funding.  I haven't seen any polls, but an informal poll of HOW FRACKIN' MUCH ADVERTISING ol' Petey is putting out there tells me that he's at least worried about it being close.  Seriously, EVERY commercial break on the righty talk station is a Pete spot.  I'm not much of a TV watcher, but trying to meet some friends and watch a Beaver game=Pete ad during every commercial break.

Pete has a multi-faceted reputation.  He tries to come off as a genuine but non-psycho liberal - the kind of guy who would sit down and have a burger with a conservative and be pleasant the whole time.  That had worked pretty well for many years.  I guess there's no need to be a d*ck when one's looking at winning by 35% or so.  But now that he's challenged, wow, the negative attacks are off the charts.  No more Mr. Nice Guy "I'd Be a Hippie Long-Hair if I Weren't Bald" Guy. 

Another aspect of Petey is his Joe Everybody image as the guy who lives next door and does things like go shooting and build decks in the backyard.  He proves it in his TV ads by always showing him tooling around in his ugly old mid-'60s Mopar (I can't tell if it is a Dart or a Valiant).  Fine.  I guess it's better than gold teeth and an Escalade.  But it doesn't jibe with his Captain Greeno the Ecowarrior schtick.  C'mon.  Everybody that has owned or just been around an old Mopar like his knows that it has a slant-6 and a 1bbl Carter carb.  Old Mopar slant-6 engines are the solution to the oil shortage - they drip out 3 times as much oil on the ground than you actually put in them.  Just put a bucket under an old Mopar and OPEC would be out of business.  And that 1bbl carb - it's about as big around as the cardboard core at the middle of your TP roll.  Doesn't seem like there's any way it could flow enough fuel to run rich.  But they do.  The unburnt fumes comin' out the tailpipe of an old Mopar will make your nose run and your eyes bleed.  It's a fact.  And it ain't very "green."

So how does Petey respond to this challenge?  Well, the negativity has already been mention.  But now he's talking about impeaching Chief Justice Roberts (see link above) because of the Citizens United case.  Petey is challenged, and he wants to blame it on that spooky, scary outsider money pouring into his opponent's campaign, and all that spooky, scary outsider money was enabled by the Supreme Court's decision. 

My advice, Pete?  Take a look in the mirror instead of blaming the Supreme Court.  We're getting tired of you.

PS - Pete tried to claim that the Roberts court overturns precedents for politcal reasons, which Volokh disputes.  Heh.  I thought that was kind of the point of a living, breathing Constitution.  Right, Pete?


  1. Hey, where'd you get that photo of me?

    seriously, it does look like me. I've found libs are ALWAYS nice when you do not question their divine right mandate. But the moment the peasantry rises up, they are all for cutting off heads.

  2. Inno, it must really suck to be represented by a Dumbass like that. I have had the good fortune to spend my entire adult life in Congressional Districts represented by Joe Waggoner (He was a D, but this was back when D's were more like R's here in the South). Then we got Buddy Roemer (another D that swapped over to R in the "bowl weevil" revolt under Reagan). Then I had Jim McCreary for a couple of decades...helluvaguy who spent his whole career trying to reform Social Security (he finally quit when he realized W wasn't really serious about it, either). And, now I've got Dr. John Fleming. Another helluva great guy that quit the medical practice after 20+ years to go to DC to try to bring some sanity to the health care debate.

    Obviously, he failed...but with any luck, he'll get another chance in the majority.

    It must REALLY suck to live in a place where you know that your views are not represented. Of course, it sucks still to live where your views ARE, but you are outnumbered by retards from Oregon, California, New York, Illinois, etc.

    I'm pulling for whazhisname's opponent. I don't know if the guy running against him is worth warm spit, but I'm sure he's worth more than cold...well, you know.

    BTW, the first car I ever owned was a '73 Dodge Dart ("Swinger" edition). It was a special order when it was bought new (I bought it used from the guy in 1976). It had a 318 V-8, and outran more than one cop back in the day. But, the slant-6 was extremely reliable (by standards of the day). Heck, we'd laugh them off the sales lot now, but everybody knew they were BOSS!

  3. "I guess there's no need to be a d*ck when one's looking at winning by 35% or so."

    Barney Frank doesn't see it this way.

  4. Infidel - now that I know what you look like, I'll be better able to avoid you in the airports. Thanks. :) And go Giants!

    Andy - I guess I should've mentioned that his opponent is Art Robinson. I haven't had a decent rep since, oh, hard to remember. Think it was Bob Smith back in the '80s. But it is looking like Orygun is gonna pick up a seat when we redistrict. Maybe I'll get a non-doofus. And re: the slant-6, I know whatcha mean. Back around '90-'92 I worked in an auto parts store and was regularly amazed at the abuse people hit their slants with. Run 'em out of coolant, stuff like that, and they just kept running. "Just put some STP in it and everything'll be fine!"

    JBomb - Yeah, Barney ain't afraid to embrace his inner d*ck, whether he's polling well or not.

  5. Crap! He's a friggin' scientist?

    Too bad he'll probably lose. We could use an analytical mind or two extra up there in Congerss!

    You never know, Inno. Sure, the dude is a geek, and from the looks of his ads, he has raised chirrens with IQ's eclipsing their body weight...and that's a good thing.

    All I know is that the dude is talkin' "freedom," and not in the bassackward way. Perhaps the dimocraps will stay home thinking there's no need, and the good folks will turn out in droves. We'll squat and watch...

    As to the slant-6 deal... Yep! Seems I can't tell you anything you don't already know.

  6. I can sympathize. My local douchenozzle is Paul Kanjorski, the neighboring one is Cris Carney, and we have some real winners in the Senate too.

  7. Throw the bum out!!!! I'll think happy thoughts for Mr. Robinson.

    I don't exactly have anyone consistently representing my views in Congress either, but Cao is closer than anything I've seen in a long time. So, he's probably history.

    I think Louisiana will lose a spot after re-districting. Should be interesting.

    I'd kill to have John Fleming as my Congressman.

    Gold teeth and an Escalade -- that could be very effective in New Orleans. Just sayin' . . . .


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