Friday, October 29, 2010

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

And I'm not even talking about election season.  The REAL most wonderful time is when all the major team sports are all playing.  For a brief, shining moment each November, NCAA football, the NFL, the NBA, MLB and the NHL are all playing.  And this year my favorite teams are doing well.

My Steelers have handled the absence of Big Ben rather well...

My Blazers are 2-0...

My Beavs are .500 after a tough schedule, but Coach Riley has one of the very best (no exaggeration) win-loss records in November and December.  He is an excellent coach.  Maybe not that hot of a recruiter, but an excellent coach.  He can take the so-so talent he's able to bring to Corvallis and coach them into being excellent ballplayers.  Unfortunately, it usually takes about half the season to get there...

And then there's my Giants.  Two World Series games, two wins.  WOoooOoOoo! 

Ya kinda get the sense that this guy hasn't been out west too much, huh?


And then there's this. His Awesomeness, NJ Governor Chris Christie, shall visit my humble state to stump for Chris Dudley.  Haley Barbour is coming along too, for what it's worth.  But having Chris and Chris on the same stage could induce an awesomeness overload.  If you go to a campaign event, be sure to bring a spacetime patch kit with you in case the universe starts to unravel in the face of such concentrated awesomeness.


  1. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Is Next Week When We Kick The Bums Out Of Washington.

  2. I am happy you are enjoying this time of year Inno, but to me Tuesday is my Super Bowl.

    I do not celebrate Halloween as it is born of pagan beliefs and I hate winter although the fall colors are nice.

    That said I will join you in your excitement albeit for the reason I stated above.

    p.s., GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Christie and Barbour together? Maybe Christie is going to run for President, Haley can show him how.

    Honestly, it should be Haley and VP Christie.

  4. Malcontent, Christopher - We're in the most wonderful time of the year. When we stomp dems into the dirt on the 2nd, we'll then be in the "Even more wonderfuliest time of the year."

    Paul - I'd put a sticker on my car for that ticket. Heck, I'd put stickers all over my body for that ticket.

  5. What? No favorite NHL team? You DID have the perspicacity to at least mention the fastest and bestest sport in all creation in your opening graf, so I'll give ya that. We take progress in incremental doses, wherever we finds it. ;-)

  6. Buck - I confess to enjoying hockey without being really attached to one certain team. I liked the Penguins back in the Super Mario/Jagr days but now I guess I'm an "independent". The minor league Portland Winterhawks are fun to watch live but it has been quite a while since I've had a chance to see 'em.

  7. Go Giants!

    Somebody has to wipe the smirk off of Josh Hamilton's face (other than a stripper.)

  8. We may be having an issue on Halloween night, Inno, when the Steelers come to the Dome for a trick-no-treat. My Saints are ready for redemption.

    And, as if that's not enough conflict -- have I ever mentioned that my husband duck hunts with Cliff Lee? And I mean the waterfowl kind of ducks, not the pigskin kind of ducks.

    The Hornets came out of the chute pretty well, too!

  9. Infidel - according to the site I got the vid from, ol' Josh wasn't too happy about the smell of doobies coming from the bleachers.

    Moogie - It'd be OK if Cliff winged a couple of the pigskinny ducks, too.

  10. Good time of year for sports fans, and political junkies.

    Really bad time of year if you have a "D" after your name!

  11. Great video clip, man.

    I was laughing the whole time--without the aid of barely controlled substances

  12. Okay, Inno. Here's your Halloween story. And it's a true one, too.

  13. swing batter batter! (Halloween hugsssss!)

  14. Yes black and white are my choice of colors, but black and orange works this time of year.

    Go Giants, underdogs make us hope for victory over the odds that are against us.

  15. Saints 20, Steelers Fewer-than-20.

    Sorry. The ugly side of Moogie came out last night. I'm being tormented by birds.

    But, the Giants are up for your side.


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