Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

I'm pretty sure today is the Most Boring Tuesday Ever. It'd be great if I could think of something to write about, but I can't. So I'll give you a little mood music and direct you to some other things I've been entertained by lately...

Andy shows us the preferred scarecrow pose.

Ever order pancakes at Denny's and find that the one in the middle of the stack looks like the Virgin Mary?  Nobody cares, 'cuz aA's got ya beat.

I like Biden's expression on this one from Javelina Bomb

And Odie never disappoints.


  1. Write about San Francisco bank robbers.

  2. Inno, it was a boring Tuesday. I mean, all I could think of to post was a "name that fruit" deal...and the punkin'moon, of course. Thanks for the link.

    Odie had some good ones. I've got a folder of San Fran weirdos. Some of 'em are too racy to post. But, this is one of my favorites.



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