Monday, September 27, 2010

Juror #333 is such a dork

Dang.  Checked the Benton County court's webpage last night and it said jurors number 303 to 520 would not be needed and would be put back in the selection pool for later.  I was #333.  I gave exactly ZERO effort to brainstormin' up any post ideas this weekend, as I was convinced I'd have plenty o' courtroom tales to tell.  So here I am, wearing my Loser Hat with nothing to write about.  By the way, ain't it surprising how fast shaving cream comes out of a brand new can?  Golly!


  1. Dork? Well, maybe. You certainly make me laugh. Thanks for the humor.

  2. No dorkiness there. Just building the anticipation. (Sing it, Carly!)

    Do y'all have a set period of time that you have to be on deck, or is there a set number of times that you're called up?

  3. Teresa - you're so dang nice!

    Moogie - Dunno. I'm such a jury duty noob that I'm not sure how it works. And now you're making me crave ketchup. Anticipaaaaaation...

  4. Dag nabbit! I was so looking forward to the post where you talk about sending a message to the defense lawyer that said, "I have a blog. Have you read it? Seriously my guilty or innocent vote depends on your answer."

    Well, if you can't get on a jury, get judged by a jury I say. Commit a few crimes. They don't have to be violent (but it would make a good blog post).

  5. Inno, the very fact that you are Juror #333 is hilarious in itself.

    Just think...if you were twins, you'd be Juror #666.

    Bwahahahaha! Word verification: coffee

  6. Well, I'm kinda sorry that you didn't get picked for an Oregon jury, but you should be really. really glad that you weren't chosen for a Brazoria County, TX jury.

    Trust me, the Southeast Texas drawls can make a Tuesday afternoon trial to a full week.

    I feel certain that you'll have something worthwhile to say in your blog soon enough. Heck as far as my own blog, I may just copy my comments from your blog the past couple of weeks and paste them on the GeezerChron.

    You could call me lazy, I guess.

  7. Close shave fella!

    Sorry to put annuder loser hat on yah, I got the dork market cornered, but competition is good for growth, bring it on.

    Vote Duddddley, he wuz good at missin' free throws. I figger he will bring that talent to the free lunches system in Oregon.

    Glad I am ketchuping on what's going on over in the wetlands.

  8. Hell, you should have made up the trial on Nancy Pelosi...for crimes against reality.

  9. You gots to be careful. The transition from the old can -- psshhhht-t-tst-t, barely enough to get your face wet -- to the new can -- PSHHHT whole handful -- is the most crucial phase of your shaving cream economy. Light touch. PSHT. Good; marble sized dose. (Remember it expands when applied to a warm face.) With care, patience, and practice, you'll get eight to twelve months worth of shaves out of a single 99¢ can.

  10. Wait, you plan what you're going to blog? So that's what I've been doing wrong.


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