Friday, September 3, 2010

Slow News Friday News Roundup

A visibly stressed Obama was ushered today to Marine 1 for a short flight for yet another vacation, this time at Camp David.  An anonymous White House staffer confided "He's under more strain than Michelle's girdle.  Dunno which of those two will unravel first, but either way it ain't gonna be pretty."


Hurricane Earl was scheduled to visit the mid-Atlantic near Camp David but like many other democrats, Earl has instead chosen to avoid being seen anywhere near Obama this close to the November elections. "I'm heading up towards Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket," said Earl, "you know, up there where that other blowhard just finished a vacation.  It should be safe up there for a while."


The Pockystahn Minister of Industry wants barry to come out and declare himself Caliph, Leader of All Muslims.  When reached for comment, an impatient barry snapped "Can't I just finish my waffle falafel?"


  1. Thanks for the update ... I feel completely caught up now.

  2. Odie - They say Metamucil is a good way to take care of that feeling.

  3. I'm thinking that Martha's Vineyard, having all of the residual hot air from Obama's vacation, will actually increase Earl's power to category five!

  4. Earl was smart to move away from the biggest blowhard ever! I can't believe that freak is going on ANOTHER vacation, WTF. You made a great post out of our latest miseries, Inno.

  5. You mean that it wasn't Bush's fault?

  6. When I see SEIU running away, I'll be a happy girl. A happy, happy girl. Promise me that it will happen.

    Since fickle Earl cost the east coast so much Labor Day business, you'd think Barry and 'Chelly would drag Sasha and Malia to float around in the waters off the Carolinas instead of going to Camp David to drum up a little support. I'll be they could even have gotten their rooms comped. Getting a freebie could've made up a little for 'Chelly's tour de Espana.

  7. Vacations to rest from vacations, good to see the country back on the right track......

  8. Good reporting. I don't now how Drudge missed this vital news?

  9. Funny, I love the comment on "Sleeveless". She has more attitude than "Big 0" but less arrogance, which make her slightly more bearable.


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