Friday, September 10, 2010

Press Conference.

I had ideas for funny things to post later today, but after just a few seconds of listening. to. that. idiot. I've suffered irreversible brain damage and forgotten everything I'd had in mind. Sorry 'bout that.


  1. But wouldn't the KY make the dummycrats devastating defeat in November less painful for them? I say make it as painful as possible.

  2. My **Big Boobs** post is on par with this.

  3. I listened to it too, I tortured myself while cleaning the house, my brain still hurts.

  4. Could. Not. Contain. My. Anger. I yelled at the tv like there was an important football game on. Like Jack Bauer had a creep creeping up on his blind side. Like Jessee Jackson was blinking at the camera.

    He says so much that's not true, and nobody calls him on it. I would love to see the press really press him and make him mad. He'd run out crying, no doubt.

  5. They would need lube for what they want to do to us.

  6. You folks really didn't torture yourself like that did you? Couldn't get a tooth pulled?

  7. I can't listen to him, Innoman. He makes me want to drive off the road, smash my TV, hurl boiling oil at cars with "COEXIST" bumper stickers.

    Sometimes, live is lived better without sound.

    Best, Snark.

  8. I'm with Infidel de Manahatta. I say the Democrats get it driven in deep, hard and sideways with no lube in November. They need to feel every nanosecond of electoral pain.

    The problem is that guys like Barney Frank enjoy it too much, so....

  9. HAHAHA GREAT POST!! Thanks for putting it up!!!

    Common Cents


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