Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You can't beat this so don't even try

The mildest summer I can ever remember continues unabated.  Last few days there've been low clouds come in from the coast that take 'til about noon to burn off.  Then the afternoons are NICE.  And if that ain't enough, a while back the NYT did a study of safest places to live with regard to natural disasters.  Out of 379 metropolitan areas, my town of Corvallis is the safest! (Safe link to iOTW for the NYT-averse).

So if you're tired of sweltering, flooding, having your roof blown off or everything around you burning to the ground in a wildfire, you should move up here.  We can build a walled compound separate from all the Prius drivers that reside here and, like, have us a good ol' time. 


  1. You are very lucky. Enjoy the good weather. It should be getting rather stinky now, I hear moochie hit town.
    Hopefully the winds will blow the stank away from your direction ;-)

  2. I am starting to hate you, just a little bit.

    If I were in Little Rock, I'd be starting to hate you a lot.

  3. Infidel - Right on. Bring plenty of Doritos.

    Bunni - Last I heard, the closest she was going to be is about an hour south of me. I'm not normally a cologne guy but I used a bunch this morning. Gotta give my nose something else to do if the wind shifts.

    Moogie - There's room for ya up here.

  4. "...my town of Corvallis is the safest!"

    Hey, I've seen how Oregon driver are. Did the NYT take that into account?

  5. Ummmm...and your Senators are???

    And, your Governor is???

    And, your electoral votes go to...???

    And, you are vexed with supporting college football teams from the pacific-10/12/whateverthehellitisnow?

    Nice place to visit. I'm sure.

    Just sayin'...

  6. Have the writers from the NYT ever left NY? Corvallis may be nice, and I would choose it over most of the Phoenix metro area...but 'natural disasters' are only on TV in Phoenix (Global Warming doesn't count since it is obviously man-made and Phx has been suffering that since long before Algore).

    ...and like Andy said, Oregon suffers from many Unatural Disasters.


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