Thursday, August 4, 2011

Belated Birthday Wishes

Hey, sorry, Barry!  Got kinda busy yesterday and didn't celebrate your birfday.  So, better nate than lever, eh?

C'mon, let's sing!

Happy Birfday to you
Happy Birfday you boob
Happy Birfday you vindictive meddlesome annoying jug-eared jerk
Happy Birfday boo hoo!!!!!

Careful!  No spitting on the cake when you blow out your candle!


  1. Not. I would not wish this POS happy anything for what he has and is doing to Americans.

    No, damn him to hell!

  2. You aren't late. He was fronting. It's all part of the misdirection scheme... and an excuse to get out of DC.
    Ironically, now the only folks there are the ones who work.

  3. Why weren't you invited to the $40,000 a plate birthday dinner? I couldn't make it because of a more important previous engagement. I was scrubbing my toilet that day.

    But not to worry. The entire time I had my hand in toilet water I was thinking of Barry.

  4. Inno, you're a racist ... ain't it great.

  5. I wants me a cake like that.

  6. Oh, Infidel, I was tied up, too.

    I was working on my belly-button lint & toe jam sculptures.

  7. Tell us how you really feel.

  8. That white bird of peace shows up real nice on the chocolate cake don't it? And IMHO that's one peace symbol sign he deserves.

  9. Awwww, ya shouldn't have!

    Yeah, you should have. He deserves such a wondrous cake and vocal tribute. And more.


Family-friendly phrasing heartily encouraged.


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