Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cool sticker

I just saw this sticker for the first time on the back of a Jeep here in town.  Did a little googlin' and found them available at http://www.thevastconspiracy.com/ along with some other cool ones.  I like their "Bad Liberal - No Foodstamps!" one quite a bit, too.


  1. I thought about producing and selling right-wing bumper stickers over the internet...but I also need to mow the lawn, fix that one light, etc. I hope he makes some money with that Capitalist one.

  2. Bad liberal no food stamps!

    hah! Now if only I had thought of that. What a great name for a blog.

  3. I like the fact a percentage goes to military charities, too.

  4. Imagine how good that would look over the mouth of a few members of congress.


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