Thursday, August 25, 2011

Terror Elf update

Remember this guy?  That's Mohamed the Somali Jihad Elf, who tried to 'splode the Christmas Tree Lighting in Portland last year.  The FBI caught on to him and sold him a vanload of dud 'splosives so a whole lot of nothing happened 'cept for Mohamed getting busted.

Shortly thereafter, it was determined that the Jihad Elf attended the mosque here in Cowvallis.  Said mosque is only a couple of Tiger Woods "pre-bimbo-eruption Tiger Woods when he still had a decent swing" golf swings away from my humble domicile.  Also, this mosque has been linked to funding bad guys.  Unfortunately there wasn't quite enough evidence to stick it to 'em.  "Un-indicted co-conspirator" kind of stuff.

Unlike any other mosque, this one suffers a slight
taint of unseemliness

You may also remember that shortly after it was learned that MoMo the Death Elf was a local boy, there was an arson incident at the mosque pictured above.  The fire did not affect the landscaping - it looks like crap all the time.  The fire ONLY affected the mosque office.  I and others speculated that it was an inside job, done to destroy evidence of the mosque possibly being involved in MoMo's Great Christmas Fireworks Display of Doom.  Seems I was wrong.  [insert mealy-mouthed "sorry if you were offended by my knee-jerk reaction to blame the muslims because it is seems like something they would do" pseudo-apology here.]

TEArrorhobbit and fellow Oregonian Dave forwarded me a couple .pdf documents a few minutes ago regarding the case.  A local youth has been charged in the arson.  Lessee here if I can stick a .pdf in a blog post...  Nope.  Bummer.  Gotta do it the old-fashioned way.  So, here's the press release and indictment for those interested.

The prosecution is going full Hate Crime.  Personally, I think a crime is a crappy thing to do.  Period.  Doesn't matter much to me what one's motivations were.  There's a bit of hate implied in just about every crime.  Is an arson done for insurance fraud really less arsony than one done because of hate?  I don't think so.  In the course of my daily routine, I drove past the mosque right after the arson.  No fire trucks.  No crime scene tape.  I had no idea anything had happened 'til it was mentioned on the news.  As Whoopi might say "it didn't seem like arson-arson."

Where do you stand on this?  On one hand, it is absolutely un-American to go around shooting people in the kneecaps throw burning materials into a mosque office 'cuz you're mad at them - so throw the book at the arsonist.  On the other hand, they are malodorous hate-prone muzzies and there wasn't much damage to their Glorious Place of Worship - so give him a medal make the kid pay for repairs and then have him pick up litter in the park for 40 hours and call it good.

Help me figger out where I should stand on this. 


  1. Only the office. Use more gasoline next time ... OOPS did I really say that non-PCish thing about Muzloon digs.

    I could give a rat's ass. Hell, there's one mosque for every Muzloon in this country now.

  2. Momo the terror elf, love it.

    That place DOES look unseemly.
    I'd give the guy a medal, personally, for riding your neighborhood of a blight. Also, what Odie said ;-)

  3. Well, I can't go with the hate-crime angle. For one thing, I don't believe that the fuzz can determine what was going through the perp's head, 'cause they don't have that whole mind-reading thing down yet.

    So, ok - if the guy torched the place, then he needs to be punished for doing a crappy job of it (assuming physical evidence substantiates the allegation that he set fire to the office). However, given today's climate, I suspect that the best approach would be to give him probation on the condition that he receive counseling.

    I'd sentence him to six months with SEALs.

  4. "Hate crime" legislation has to go. It is dangerous, and shows how ignorant the lawmakers are about their own laws. Like MAX said, prove it.

    If I were investigating...well, lets just say we wouldn't be talking about this.

  5. As far as your question goes... I'm with RB: hate crime legislation is a big bag o' crap. A crime is a crime and motivations are unknown and unknowable.

    As for this: Unlike any other mosque, this one suffers a slight
    taint of unseemliness

    I think it would be VERY seemly for a vampire movie. Think nighttime thunderstorm and peasants with torches and pitchforks. That works, doesn't it?

  6. Hate crime is the door to thought crime.

    less arsony . Heh.

  7. Momo's is a neighbor and major sponsor of the SF Giants TV broadcasts.

    I think the "enhancements" to existing crimes are a waste, like saying ginormous instead of big. Burned is burned. It can't be burnder or burdest.

  8. Odie - They are poppin' up all over, aren't they?

    Bunni - Yep, the place is nasty

    MAX - Good answer, good answer

    Race - The country needs more Races and fewer Eric Holders

    Buck - Sure does work. And at night there is a creepy green light in the highest window. [cue Twilight Zone music]

    Ivan - since the Giants are my fave MLB team, I'm a gonna have to come up with another nickname for Mohammed Muhammed the Jihad Elf.

  9. Ivan - I better go look up his name again. His first or last name is Muhammed with a "u" and the other half of his name is Mohammed with an "o".

    Maybe it'll be like what my 2yr old granddaughter says when she spills something "muh-oh!"

  10. Is spelling his name wrong a hate crime?

    v-word = haumbuc WBAGNFAH
    [Would Be A Good Name For A Hobbit]

  11. I've never thought much about hate crimes, but your are right. It is extremely subjective.

  12. Give him a medal AND community service.

    For fighting muslim terrorists and destroying someone else's property, respectively.

  13. I think the guy should be rewarded for his actions. Stopping Muslim terrorists is a good thing.

  14. Hate crime laws criminalize thought, as long as the thoughts conform to a belief system other than liberalism.

  15. When government refuses to punish criminals it encourages vigilantism.

  16. its only hate if the govt says so..anti semitism and anti Christianism is just fine with them INNO!

  17. The concept of hate crimes flies in the face of rule of law. So-called hate crimes depend on the intentions of the criminal rather than on the actions. Once we cave in to criminalizing intent, there's no end to the slippery slope of legalizations we could invent to control the "undesirables."

  18. If we're for the rule of law, vis-a-vis illegal immigration for example, then the (alleged) arsonist must be punished (if convicted).

    With that out of the way, hate crime really is a worthless classification. Crime is crime, period.

    To single this out as a hate crime is at least unhelpful but realistically it is a politically driven pursuit. If we must have hate crime in the law and if it carries a significantly greater stigma (e.g. hate crime murder versus murderer), then shouldn't every terrorist-based attack be treated as a hate crime too? Fair is fair after all.

  19. Yep, I'm in agreement with everbodee who already said that hate crime is a harbinger of the thought police. The fact that folks can use a phrase like "hate crime" with a straight face is enough to make me wince.

    Once the populace gets used to the phrase "hate crime," well then it's easy to get used to the phrase "hate speech," innit? And surely that's a crime as well.

    Just the office burned? Color me skeptical.


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